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Elijah’s Restaurant & Delicatessen

It was nice having close friends around during the holidays. There’s more laughter and, most importantly, there are more chances to eat out. Cdj has been a fan of Elijah’s Restaurant & Delicatessen. The restaurant used to be located in La Jolla but is now located in Kearny Mesa. I tried Elijah’s a few times in La Jolla but never thought much of the food or service. I had a Living Social deal that expired but still figured it was worth using (you’re supposed to be able to still get the ‘paid’ value of the voucher). We visited their new location on a Sunday for breakfast.

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The French Gourmet

Breakfast is a meal that I don’t look forward to as much as, say, lunch or dinner. I used to enjoy going to breakfast alone in the mornings to gather my thoughts before work. I stopped doing that some years ago. The French Gourmet has been around for years. I swear they sold their fruit tarts at Price Club (aka Costco) when I was younger. I had passed by their Pacific Beach restaurant a few times but never thought about trying them out. I bought a discounted voucher some months ago and invited a friend to join me for brunch at The French Gourmet some weeks ago.

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Snooze an A.M. Eatery – Del Mar, CA

Does life get so busy that you forget to write about a breakfast place. Or maybe the food wasn’t that great and your blog’s subconscious doesn’t want to put in the effort. Can a blog even have a conscience. Or maybe there was meaning behind the meal that wasn’t worth sharing about at the time right. Snooze has been here in Del Mar for some time now. I remember when it was IHOP and I’d eat here once in a while. The food was pretty bad when it was IHOP so it was nice seeing Snooze take over the space and re build it to a pretty hip location. The lines have always been long even on a weekday.

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Harry’s Coffee Shop – La Jolla, CA

I’ve seen Harry’s Coffee Shop in La Jolla over the years but have only recently visited this small restaurant. I’m not always a breakfast type of person but I will try a restaurant if I see chicken fried steak or hollandaise on their breakfast menu. Cdj suggested we finally try Harry’s Coffee Shop some time ago.

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Queenstown Public House (Little Italy)

A rain storm was coming to San Diego so we wanted to take advantage of the warm sunshine before the skies started to weep. It was  one of those lazy weekends where you sit on the couch, in your baggy pjs, wondering ‘self, where would you like to treat yourself to today’. I had read wonderful reviews about  Queenstown Public House and was curious about their New Zealand inspired menu. Their weekend brunch seemed like a great way to try them out but the wait time seemed arduous. So we decided instead to stroll the Farmers Market in Little Italy.

We were surprised when we saw Queenstown Public House while crossing the street to get to another section of the Farmers Market. The restaurant is located in what looks like a quaint house with a front yard (artificial grass and all). We only noticed the house because people were sitting out front waiting for a table.

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Suzy Q’s Diner

My favorite breakfast items are probably doused with either hollandaise sauce or country gravy. I don’t know why. I just, like, really love sauces on almost anything. I’m a creature of habit so finding new breakfast locations to try out has been difficult for some reason. So I was curious when I heard about Suzy Q’s Diner in Escondido as the restaurant offers homemade hollandaise and country gravy on their menu. I rarely venture out to Escondido for a meal but 2016 seems like a new year to make a pact to try a new part of town for at least breakfast.

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Vessel Restaurant + Bar ($15 BOTTOMLESS Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar + Weekend Brunch)

San Diego is such a beautiful city to explore for brunches. We have the views, the weather, and enough towns in this city to find a nice brunch to try. But, when was the last time you saw a BOTTOMLESS Build your own Bloody Mary bar. Yeah, bottomless. Meaning you can go up as many times as you want, stuff your one-shot vodka mason jar with goodies, and then do it all over it again when you want another bloody mary. Vessel Restaurant + Bar at the Kona Kai Resort offers such a thing on Sundays AND Saturdays. Their brunch menu also offers savory and sweet items to choose from while you’re enjoying your drink while admiring the harbor views.

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SEA & SMOKE ( Build Your Own Cinnamon Bun Bar Brunch )

I think people get sad about Labor Day weekend because it marks the end of summer or something. I honestly don’t know. Because, um, I don’t enjoy summers and the heat all that much. But, I had some fun activities planned for that long weekend so I was kinda excited. Girlfriends (all the single ladies – whoop whoop) decided to drive down from LA to visit me for wine tasting at Temecula. So, what better way to pre-funk it than with breakfast with sad lonely Cdj at Sea & Smoke.

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Davanti Enoteca (Easter Brunch + $10 Build your own Bloody Mary Bar) – Del Mar, CA


Easter is a meaningful holiday for me. I look forward to this particular Friday and Sunday each year. I was talking to my best friend Munchkin (MK) and we both reflected how this can season can be about so many different heart breaks and heart mends ( be it faith, love, work, family, etc). I never celebrated Easter with a big meal or a big brunch out. My family never did that. SO, I thought I’d break this tradition last Easter Sunday by going to Davanti Enoteca Del Mar and sin it up there with their bloody mary bar. Kidding aside, it was a last minute decision to try something new so I called a friend and we headed over to the Del Mar restaurant on a beautiful sunny Easter afternoon.

I actually made a reservation using Open Table. Gotta get me those 100 points per reservation yo (don’t use Open Table via yelp – they won’t credit you the 100 points I don’t believe). There were plenty of resos available for a late afternoon brunch. I called beforehand to inquire about the brunch (it ended 3p that Sunday, an extra hour longer than normal) and I also asked if the bloody mary bar was still well stocked (of course I’d ask that). JS from Sundiegoeats was the inspiration I needed to try this place out for brunch after reading her post about Davanti Enoteca (in downtown though). Her pics of the bloody mary bar were awesome.  Continue reading Davanti Enoteca (Easter Brunch + $10 Build your own Bloody Mary Bar) – Del Mar, CA

Original Pancake House – San Diego, CA

Skipping dinners is fine with me as I don’t often get hungry at night. The problem with that, after a surprising peaceful night’s sleep, is that you wake up starving like a hibernating polar bear who just woke up for the first time in 3 months. Original Pancake House sucks on weekends if you get there anytime after 9a. The wait gets ridiculous and you feel rushed to eat once you sit down.

So last weekend I called CDJ at 6:39a to see if he wanted to meet for breakfast. After cursing me out for waking him up so early, he agreed as longed as I could pick him up. This is what I imagine he looks like when he wakes up grumpy in mornings:  Continue reading Original Pancake House – San Diego, CA