Hui An Garden – San Diego, CA

My uncle recently treated the family to dinner at Hui An Garden. The restaurant has been in a strange transition over the past few months. I heard a manager from Jasmine took over the restaurant when it was still Fu An Garden but that didn’t fare well. Then it was recently re branded Hui An Garden with another manager from Jasmine. My family knows the manager and made reservations for a dinner celebration over the weekend.

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I’ve never had a real gut desire to visit this small Asian restaurant in Convoy. It’s located in the most awful strip mall (what’s up bad-parking) and the overall review of Red Moon Noodle House seemed terribly mixed. But dang it, my xiao long bao heroin addiction got the better of me (I’ve been watching a lot of Intervention on A&E alot lately so there’s been a lot of heroin addicts on there recently).

I was telling a friend the other day that the hot liquid soup of a xiao long bao is like heroin (well, from what I HEAR on Intervention. I’ve never done heroin). The addicts say that after their first ever ‘hit’, there’s nothing more in life they ever want. SO, that’s kinda like a hot cauldron of a soupy dumpling for me. I know it’s *kinda* dramatic but man, wait ’til you have your Unicorn Xiao Long Bao. Continue reading RED MOON NOODLE HOUSE- SAN DIEGO, CA