Sushi Kyodai (Lunch Specials) – Carmel Mountain, CA

This post makes me miss my grandmother. We visited Sushi Kyodai a few weeks ago for lunch. Costco is nearby so we would often spend time there (isn’t it funny how my family members share the same penchant for Costco). Sushi Kyodai is located in the same center as Home Depot in Carmel Mountain. There… Read More Sushi Kyodai (Lunch Specials) – Carmel Mountain, CA


Tresors de la Mer (@Addiction Aquatic Development) – Taipei, Taiwan

Our adventure at the Addiction Aquatic Development led us to Tresors de la Mer which is a sit down Japanese restaurant at the Taipei Fish Market. There’s no sit down sushi area inside Addiction Aquatic Development so my mom insisted we try Tresors de la Mer which is located to the right of the charcoal… Read More Tresors de la Mer (@Addiction Aquatic Development) – Taipei, Taiwan

Japanese, Taiwan

Kazoku – Hualien, Taiwan

To say that I’m making each moment count here in Taiwan is an understatement. Jet lag can’t even stop the time I’m memorizing with my mom and grandma. I haven’t been sleeping much, not just because of the time change, but mostly because the three of us stay up talking and laughing until well after… Read More Kazoku – Hualien, Taiwan


Sushiya – Del Mar, CA

I have no idea how long Sushiya has been here in Del Mar Highlands but it feels like an eternity for some reason. I’d pass by them many times but never had an urge to try them. This Japanese restaurant seemed almost over shadowed by Searsucker that is just to the left of them. But… Read More Sushiya – Del Mar, CA


Boto Sushi – Carmel Mountain, CA

Boto Sushi took over Yummy Sushi in Carmel Mountain some time ago. They revamped the entire restaurant and I must say it’s quite beautiful. Boto means “boat” in Japanese so the interior has darker wood tones that I personally like. Plus, they aren’t cheap with their a/c which has been a blessing during this summer’s… Read More Boto Sushi – Carmel Mountain, CA


Tajima Izakaya

Tajima Izakaya is the restaurant my guy friends (who could care two sh*ts about food) prefer to eat when they’re done partying. These are the same guy friends that think Guy Fieri is a wonderful man and want to be friends with. SO, not sure if that gives Tajima Izakaya cred or no cred if you… Read More Tajima Izakaya


Roboto Tokyo Grill – San Diego, CA

I swear your eyes will read what *you* want your eyes to read versus what is actually written on paper. Case in point, I read Roboto Tokyo Grill as YAKITORI TOKYO GRILL. Smart right. I was in the area meeting someone and we both decided to  have lunch at this newly opened restaurant a few… Read More Roboto Tokyo Grill – San Diego, CA


Tokyo Shabu Shabu – Pasadena, CA

TOKYO SHABU SHABU I had to see someone in LA over the weekend and decided to make it a longer visit so I could see my mom and youngest sis as well. My mom and sis were so excited I was driving up and made the decision that we MUST see a movie and we… Read More Tokyo Shabu Shabu – Pasadena, CA


Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – San Diego, CA

KULA REVOLVING SUSHI BAR What is it with sushi conveyor belts that drives a girl like me bonks. I remember a time, when sis and I were little, going to a restaurant where the belt was an actual little river, carrying little miniature boats topped with two pieces of sushi, that floated around the entire… Read More Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – San Diego, CA



Why can’t we have more Japanese skewer restaurants like Yakitori Yakyudori here in San Diego. My family likes this place so much. Even my impatient mom, who RARELY waits on any list for a restaurant, came here first one night to put her name on the wait list. We waited AN HOUR AND 20 MINUTES… Read More YAKITORI YAKYUDORI