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Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine (Yelp Event)

Yelp recently partnered with Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine in Downtown San Diego to host a dinner event. Lionfish recently opened in the Gaslamp. You and your guest were able to order:

– Two shared appetizers from the menu
– One sushi roll from menu
– One entrĂ©e each
– A 12oz draft of your choice for each guest or glass of selected wine

This was a generous event that everyone wanted to get in to. So we were happy when we made the guest list.

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Oceana Coastal Kitchen (Yelp Event)

How is it that I’ve never been to Catamaran Hotel & Resort all this time I’ve lived in San Diego. How. I think I grew up thinking it was an older hotel with a Three’s Company kinda vibe to it. I don’t even know why. Oceana Coastal Kitchen is the restaurant that’s within Catamaran Hotel and they recently partnered with Yelp to host a pretty memorable dinner.

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