The Lot Sunday Sterling Brunch (AYCE $35)- La Jolla, CA

I haven’t done a memorable brunch in some time. Weekends have come and gone so quickly this season. So I was beyond excited to try out The Lot Sunday Sterling Brunch in La Jolla on a beautiful Sunday morning. The Sterling Brunch takes place at The Lot movie center in La Jolla, California. I’ve walked… Read More The Lot Sunday Sterling Brunch (AYCE $35)- La Jolla, CA


Cafe Japengo (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA

I’ve been bumping into random friends who’ve almost made it their mission to get me to be social and return a hug. It’s been humbling and heart warming. A close friend has been keeping tabs on me the last few weeks and will give me something to look forward to almost every week. It’s like… Read More Cafe Japengo (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA


Seasons 52 (Yelp Event) – La Jolla, CA

You either love or hate Yelp. You either love, hate, or put up with Yelpers. Or you secretly look at Yelp but don’t admit it. I’ve been yelping for so long that I don’t agree or disagree with those statements. The events Yelp hosts with restaurants tend to be memorable. It’s a way for an… Read More Seasons 52 (Yelp Event) – La Jolla, CA


BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – La Jolla, CA

My appetite the last few weeks has been a bit off. I haven’t been as hungry so discovering new places to eat hasn’t been a priority. Friends have been wanting to try out BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse so we finally had a chance to visit (twice) in the last week. BJ’s Restaurant is located in… Read More BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – La Jolla, CA


Urban Plates – La Jolla, CA

I visited Urban Plates over the weekend. I can’t even remember why I was in the area. Probably because I was too cheap this weekend to turn on the a/c so I was looking for places that had it blasting in their establishments. I have seen Urban Plates expand over the years. We were huge… Read More Urban Plates – La Jolla, CA


Red O – La Jolla, CA

Above and Beyond. That has been in my head for the past couple weeks. It’s what I do when I care about someone. Cdj’s birthday was last week and I wanted to surprise him. I had a few surprises but the primary was dinner. Red O Taste of Mexico recently opened in La Jolla. The… Read More Red O – La Jolla, CA


Roy’s Restaurant (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA

Sometime I shake my head in disbelief when schedules match and friends are available to meet up for lunch. Pair that with 1000 OpenTable points and you have yourself a win win deal. Roy’s Restaurant is located in the Costa Verde shopping center. They specialize in Hawaiian fusion cuisine and offer seafood, steaks, and sushi.… Read More Roy’s Restaurant (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA


The Grill at Torrey Pines

I have a fondness for Torrey Pines. My grandfather used to love the public golf course here. Growing up, he would tell me the time slots (to tee off) were difficult to obtain. The time slots he did get would be early mornings. He was excited when sis and I obtained our driver license(s) so… Read More The Grill at Torrey Pines


Barbarella (Brunch) – La Jolla, CA

Happy Good Friday 2017 everyone. Easter is upon us and I’m looking forward to quietly celebrating with family. What’s the most important meal during this time though. You know the answer. Starts with a B and ends with an H. I think I have friends who would guess the wrong answer. Kidding aside, brunch is… Read More Barbarella (Brunch) – La Jolla, CA


Barbarella Restaurant & Bar

San Diego never ceases to amaze me. I’ve lived in this beautiful city most of my life but there are restaurants/places/sites I still have yet to discover. I’ve visited La Jolla Shores many a times be it with friends, on a first date, for a run on the beach. I have seen Barbarella Restaurant &… Read More Barbarella Restaurant & Bar