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Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot ($11.95 lunch special) – Mira Mesa

My sister informed me about this new Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Mira Mesa. She saw it many months ago when we were eating nearby when she, um, was searching for Pokemon characters (or whatever players search for). She came back and tried to google for information about the opening but nothing came up. So we’ve been waiting patiently for this location to open. We were elated when we found out they offered lunch specials here at their new location in Mira Mesa. So sis, V, and I recently visited to try out lunch.

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Le Bambou Restaurant – Del Mar, CA

Le Bambou Restaurant in Del Mar is considered a mainstay in this area. It’s been around for ages and has managed to survive the times. I cannot remember if I’ve ever visited but I vividly remember seeing Le Bambou Restaurant every time I visit this part of town. The restaurant is tucked away in a corner of this re modeled strip mall and rarely seems busy. Friend and I were done with work one late afternoon so we thought it would be nice to try out this restaurant.

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Chun’s Seafood & Grill (formerly Chin’s Seafood & Grill)

Chin’s (not to be confused with Chun’s) Seafood & Grill used to be my go to place for lunch. I loved their Da Ru mein and Shanghai spareribs. The location was simple and convenient. I stopped going after my disastrous Taiwanese breakfast some time ago. Friend wanted to treat me to lunch recently as I had a successful work day so we both agreed to meet at Chin’s. We were both shocked that Yelp said the restaurant had closed. I called the restaurant, someone picked up, and said the business is still open. Little did we know that the restaurant had changed it’s name to Chun’s Seafood & Grill.

We laughed a bit when we saw the revised restaurant name on the building…

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Crust Pizzeria – Torrey Hills, CA

I don’t visit this part of town often but recently discovered Crust Pizzeria in a Torrey Hills strip mall. They make their pizza dough and pizza sauces fresh daily. They also import their 100% fresh mozzarella from Wisconsin. The restaurant also offers salads, sandwiches, and a few entrees. There’s also wine as well as draft beers. Friend told me about Crust Pizzeria as she’s been here many times for lunch and has enjoyed her meals. So we met up some time ago at Crust Pizzeria for me to try them out.

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Calibanzo Hummus & Grill ($9.50 Lunch Specials)

Is it crazy that I don’t mind this dry heat weather. It hit 103 degrees yesterday where I live. My room alone was a record whooping 91.6 degrees. But it didn’t bother me as dry heat is so much easier to tolerate than drenching humidity heat that I had just experienced in Taiwan. I had a business lunch last week while my mom was in town. I invited her to come along as she knows this comrade. Of course she got to pick the restaurant – so it was no surprise when she clapped her hands in glee and said Calibanzo Hummus & Grill. She’s been craving everything non-Asian like me since her return to the States.

Calibanzo Hummus & Grill now has a lunch menu that is affordable, filling, and actually pretty delicious. There are five items to choose from and all comes with their home made laffa bread. This home made bread gives my mom the giggles. No joke. She eats it like an obsessed baby chipmunk who’s just seen her first acorn.

The restaurant wasn’t too busy when we arrived 11:30a. The day was gloomy from rain and humidity that particular day. We grabbed a table and waited for comrade to arrive.

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Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot ( $11.95 lunch special + Pokemon Go ramblings)

I was over Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot as the food started to taste the same with each visit. Not that this is a bad thing as consistency is a great trait but the soup base started to taste monotonous. Plus, the lunch special price was no longer $9.95. Sis wanted to treat V and her son for lunch. We know the two of them like Little Sheep. It had been awhile since all of us had a meal together so we decided on an adventure to Little Sheep.

Why an adventure you ask. Well, because my sister is a freak and wanted to collect more Pokemon Go crap. I don’t even know how that works. I just know terms like fuel stop, gym fights, pokemon balls, picachu. She refuses to buy more balls to feed or fight the creatures (or whatever) so she has to do pit stops (or whatever) to search for more balls. Cheapness never hurt so much.

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Apollonia Greek Bistro (Power Lunch Menu)

I’d like to think I keep my girlish figure by eating healthy and working out seven days a week. But I don’t. I work out as often as I can and then skip meals. Friends are telling me it’s imperative to eat before and after a work out so I’m trying to listen to them. I sometimes visit Bristol Farms but decided to try out Apollonia Greek Bistro because, um, they had better a/c than Bristol Farms. Apollonia Greek Bistro is located in the Costa Verde shopping center which is across from UTC.

I feel like Apollonia has been here for some time now but I can’t remember. The restaurant has an outside patio, a bar, and comfortable seating inside. All I cared about was the a/c. I was still on fire and sweating from the work out. Side note: did you know your body is still burning calories way after a work out (well, that’s what Cdj explained to me since I couldn’t cool down fast enough even after 30 minutes).

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Grill House Cafe

I’ve been on a grilled meat skewers kick lately. I’ve had more lunch meetings than usual and the paying party has suggested Persian food on a few occasions. I started thinking about Persian food the other week and discovered Grill House Cafe in Miramar. The restaurant is tucked away in the same strip mall as Ashoka. They offer discounted prices during lunch so I thought this would be an opportune time to finally try Grill House Cafe.

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Fogo de Chao ( New Gaucho Lunch $15 AYCE Market Market Table & Feijoada Bar)

I’ve visited Fogo de Chao way more times than I’d like to remember. I was there with family just last Mother’s Day for lunch. Service was great but I think I just over-meated out. The salad bar didn’t seem as phenomenal and the plethora of people at the salad bar made it difficult to enjoy. Every mother that ate that day received one complimentary gift card for a free lunch or dinner (until July 7th). V’s birthday was coming up and Fogo de Chao is one of her favorite restaurants. So sis and I decided to treat her here for her birthday this year. We had the free gift card plus I wanted to try their new $15 Gaucho Lunch.

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KASI Fresh. Fast. Indian (+ Lifu’s first drive thru ramblings ) – Carlsbad, CA

I haven’t spent much time with sis lately as life has gotten between us talking and catching up on a daily basis. But there’s a bond between us that even if we don’t speak for a few days, we still have a weirdly sis-sense (I just realized how money that word is) about one another and what’s happening in each others lives. We happened to be in the same area for work recently so she suggested trying out KASI Fresh. Fast. Indian for lunch. Actually, she suggested Fish District but was willing to try out KASI next door for the sake of this blog.

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