Patron Meat Market & Deli – San Marcos, CA

I’ve been having a lot of meetings recently. Meetings tend to go better when there’s food available. I was in San Marcos and decided to visit Patron Meat Market & Deli. Someone told me this market has a hot deli section and makes huge burritos at an affordable price.


Miguel’s Cocina – 4S Ranch

This has been a nice holiday season. I’m still fighting a cough but other than that I’m feeling quite good. And spirited. I can almost feel the light at the end of the tunnel. Friend and I met up at Miguel’s Cocina a few weeks ago for a leisurely lunch. Miguel’s Cocina has a few… Read More Miguel’s Cocina – 4S Ranch


Hacienda de Vega – Escondido, CA

Hacienda de Vega is located in Escondido. I had heard about this Mexican restaurant from a friend who enjoys the margaritas here. It was a blistering hot day and there’s no indoor seating at Hacienda de Vega. Friend said it’s no biggie as the outdoor patio seating had a nice breeze and I’d be fine.… Read More Hacienda de Vega – Escondido, CA


Las Brisas Restaurant (OMG ocean views) – Laguna Beach, CA

LAS BRISAS RESTAURANT My last two nights in Taipei were filled to the brim with family time. That’s all that seemed to matter. Saying goodbye to them on the final day brought uncontrollable tears (on my part) and the question, from my grandma, when will you come back? My mom took the same flight as… Read More Las Brisas Restaurant (OMG ocean views) – Laguna Beach, CA


Galaxy Taco – La Jolla, CA

I don’t think I can convey how happy a rainy day makes me feel. It’s even harder to express that happiness when that rainy day falls on a weekday that I have free for lunch. I hadn’t heard much about Galaxy Taco in La Jolla but was game for trying them out since their menu… Read More Galaxy Taco – La Jolla, CA


El Agave (Old Town)

Out of town friends constantly remind me that San Diego is the most beautiful city in the world. I’ve visited Old Town more often in the last year than I have since I’ve resided in San Diego. I was surprised by the quality and variety of Mexican restaurants I’ve tried on those visits. I’ve always… Read More El Agave (Old Town)


Taste of Old Town 2015

These tasting events have become almost a mission for me. I’m a curious type of foodie blogger but I’m also a fiercely competitive kinda gal. I want to see if I can sample MORE than previous tastings AND if I can find the unicorn taco. Ok. Just re read that last sentence and it’s ridiculous.… Read More Taste of Old Town 2015


Casa Sol y Mar – Del Mar, CA

I visited Casa Sol y Mar two years ago with Snooks and Toxie to try their Happy Hour. We all collectively thought the food was mediocre and the staff a bit rude. So there wasn’t ever an urge to return. But a group of friends recently wanted to get together for lunch and one of… Read More Casa Sol y Mar – Del Mar, CA


Vallarta Supermarkets (Ceviches & Torta Cubana) – Escondido, CA

I was hosting a milestone birthday party for my dearest of friends Arrow recently. I wuv him because he’s a no BS kinda dude and he never answers my questions the way *I* want him to answer my questions. No matter how much I act like a brat, he simply shakes his head, laughs and… Read More Vallarta Supermarkets (Ceviches & Torta Cubana) – Escondido, CA


DON RIOS (previously MXN previously Santanas) – Rancho Penasquitos

I grew up hearing about Santanas as everyone in school just loved their burritos so much. I never really ate there so it wasn’t a big deal to me when Santanas changed to MXN. I recently drove by MXN in Rancho Penasquitos and noticed a new sign that said Don Rios where MXN used to… Read More DON RIOS (previously MXN previously Santanas) – Rancho Penasquitos