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Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot ($11.95 lunch special) – Mira Mesa

My sister informed me about this new Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Mira Mesa. She saw it many months ago when we were eating nearby when she, um, was searching for Pokemon characters (or whatever players search for). She came back and tried to google for information about the opening but nothing came up. So we’ve been waiting patiently for this location to open. We were elated when we found out they offered lunch specials here at their new location in Mira Mesa. So sis, V, and I recently visited to try out lunch.

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Manila Sunset Grille

Manila Sunset Grille has been in Mira Mesa for some time now. Their location went through a nice exterior renovation recently. I’m not sure how we ended up finally trying Manila Sunset Grille last year but it’s been my go to grilled skewers place since then. Each item is made to order so there’s usually a wait time to get your dishes. I have no issue with this as hot off the grill items need time to prep so it’s understandable. Parking has never been an issue even on busy days so Cdj and I have visited Manila Sunset Grille restaurant several times already.

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Mama Testa

I was smiling when I saw Mama Testa coming to Mira Mesa. I had seen the build out of their new location when I would visit this plaza. They were originally located in Hillcrest and garnered a fan base due to their appearance on an episode of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown some many years ago. I visited their Hillcrest location once but never visited them after. I remember liking the tacos so was excited to try out their new location in Mira Mesa one day for lunch.

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8Elements (AYCE lunch buffet) – Mira Mesa, CA

I hope everyone had a fattening Thanksgiving Holiday. Taking a week off from blogging felt thankfully lazy. So I’m back ready to blog about an all you can eat (AYCE) Indian buffet in Mira Mesa. I heard about 8Elements some time ago but had no idea who they were and where they were located in Mira Mesa. I’ve become accustomed to Indian restaurants in Miramar but not really in Mira Mesa. So we were surprised to find 8Elements in the same strip mall as Pho Cow Cali and Bank of America (corner of Black Mountain and Mira Mesa). How have we never seen an Indian Restaurant in this strip mall before? And 8Elements is seriously in the same corner area as Pho Cow Cali.

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IT’S RAW POKE SHOP – San Diego (Mira Mesa Farmers Market), CA

I was in Mira Mesa for lunch the other day and realized I’d be in the area for their Farmers Market. I was still hungry after lunch (something I call Beast Mode Eating when I’m in that hunger mood) so I figured I’d quickly visit Mira Mesa Farmers Market and grab an arepa, takoyaki, maybe a cookie too. Yes. Beast Mode was in full effect. The market had a sad vibe to it that afternoon. There weren’t a lot of vendors and everyone looked defeated for some reason. I was surprised when I passed by It’s Raw Poke Shop as I had never seen this vendor before.

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QT POT revisit (& Hot Stone Rice Pot)

I used to visit QT Pot all the time. The owners had gotten to know me quite well that they’d invite me to share a table with them when I was there eating alone. Then life got busy and QT Pot got pushed aside in the back of my mind for whatever reason. They now offer a hot stone rice pot that one of the owners, Jimmy, told me about some time ago. The dish takes a while to prepare in the clay pot so that stirred up childhood memories of watching grams or aunts prepare a similar dish.  Continue reading QT POT revisit (& Hot Stone Rice Pot)


I have to admit that I get happy when I see a new(er) restaurant in Mira Mesa. I like eating in this part of town but feel that I’ve tried every single place. So new restaurant blood is much needed to this sometimes ravenous blogger. Tim Ky Noodle opened some time ago but I had heard mixed reviews about this place. Did they serve pho? Or did they serve wonton noodle soup dishes? And fried rice? I wasn’t really quite sure but friend agreed to meet me here for lunch. Continue reading TIM KY NOODLE

Cali Baguette Express – Mira Mesa, CA

I think I can officially say my banh mi binges are over. It was getting kinda scary in the beginning. I’m not saying I don’t still enjoy a banh mi sandwich – I’m just saying I think I’ve tuckered out on ’em (at least for the moment). I have seen and passed by Cali Baguette Express many times over the years. We never once thought of stopping by this banh mi shop even though we were here at this strip mall getting pho or a hot pot. So it was exciting (my life is boring obviously) to finally try them out a few weeks ago.

They are located in the same strip mall as Wells Fargo, Bolsa, and QT Pot. It’s a tiny location but that doesn’t mean much when it comes to getting a good banh mi in my opinion.   Continue reading Cali Baguette Express – Mira Mesa, CA

Bale French Sandwiches – Mira Mesa

Anyone who knows me will blatantly reveal that I have a small case of OCD. When I get fixated on something, I. GET. FIXATED. There’s no talking me out of it. There’s no reasoning with me. So behold. My latest obsession…banh mi sandwiches. I know almost nothing about these Vietnamese sandwiches. My dad taught us about pho and broken rice dishes (he used to travel to Vietnam when he was younger) but he never once mentioned anything about banh mi sandwiches. I knew how to satiate this banh mi tic of an OCD I was currently experiencing though…eat as many banh mi sandwiches on a rainy day as possible. That’s how you get rid of any OCD tic. You just go go go, eat eat eat, until that tic goes away. WebMd right there yo.  Continue reading Bale French Sandwiches – Mira Mesa

Manna BBQ – Mira Mesa, CA


I was excited when I heard an all you can eat Korean buffet was coming to Mira Mesa. This type of gluttony is only reserved for the elite of the elite (I love you Joey Chestnut). Joking aside, this part of town needed new AYCE blood that they could sink their fangs into. My go to AYCE Korean bbq has always been Jeong Won in Convoy. I’ve visited the Manna in Convoy but would always think of Jeong Won in the back of my head (sounds like a bad K-drama soap opera if you substitute ‘visited’ with ‘dated’). So I was a bit hesitant when friend suggested Manna BBQ in Mira Mesa for a mid week lunch as spending $21.99 for their cheaper  AYCE option seemed crazy. That hesitation went away when he said the two magic words. “My treat”. Continue reading Manna BBQ – Mira Mesa, CA