California Tap Room

What is about freshly baked pretzels that makes a girl happy. I think it’s because I’ve watched my bread (carb) intake for so many years now. I’ve let me bread cravings take over every once in awhile and the other night was one of those ‘every once in a while’ kinda time. California Tap Room… Read More California Tap Room


Berkeley Pizza (Happy Hour) – North Park

We were in North Park on a weekend trying to look for a place to watch the Dallas Cowboys lose. Almost every sports bar was packed to the brim. We walked past Berkeley Pizza which was completely empty but they had 2-3 tvs playing the game. Friend didn’t really want to try Berkeley Pizza but… Read More Berkeley Pizza (Happy Hour) – North Park


Lucha Libre (North Park)

Lucha Libre opened a sister location in North Park some time ago. I’ve been visiting North Park more often and have passed by their new location several times. There’s no parking and signage for this location is quite minimal. I rarely crave Mexican food but one thing that I absolutely crave is Lucha Libre’s thick… Read More Lucha Libre (North Park)


Streetcar Merchants (Chicken Wings galore)

I am a fuhhh-reak about chicken wings. Particularly deep fried chicken wings. And more particularly chicken wings that are WHOLE (drumette, wingette/flat, and tip – all joined together). I cannot remember the last time I had a whole chicken wing that was deep fried. I mostly enjoy the wingette part, eat the skin of the… Read More Streetcar Merchants (Chicken Wings galore)


Tostadas ( North Park )

Pretty food sometimes just makes my day. The pictures don’t have to be perfect or photoshopped. I’m talking about food pictures where vibrant colors makes you want to throw down your camera and start eating from visual food hunger. The beautifully prepared ceviche and tostadas here at Tostadas North Park were breath taking. I was… Read More Tostadas ( North Park )