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Sababa Kitchen

Sababa Kitchen recently opened in Del Sur. I had heard about this restaurant but didn’t know much about it. They recently had a soft opening and lucky patrons were able to choose a time slot to try out the restaurant’s menu. This Mediterranean Restaurant /Middle Eastern Restaurant has a cafeteria style ordering system. They offer a variety of cold schmears & salatim as well as proteins, hot sides, and desserts. We’ve visted Sababa Kitchen twice now.

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Alforon – San Diego, CA

I met a friend by SDSU to catch up and treat her to lunch. The pictures of the flatbreads at Alforon had me so hungry. Alforon is a Mediterranean Lebanese restaurant located on El Cajon Blvd. It’s a small restaurant but seems to have a loyal following. I believe the restaurant is owned by a husband/wife team who was working and cooking that afternoon we visited.

They share a tiny parking lot but we managed to squeeze our car into one of their narrow parking spaces.

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I used to frequent this part of town as I’m always returning stuff at UTC. I’m also somewhat of a fan of their Arclight Cinemas. Jurassic Park opened last month so CDJ insisted I get a life and watch the lame movie. He told me to buy the movie tickets and he’d buy dinner afterwards. This trade deal made no sense since this was the particular time frame I was skipping dinners to fit into a bridesmaid dress. But he said Amardeen Cafe, minutes from Arclight, was healthy and he’d find me something low carb. So fine. Amardeen Cafe it’ll be.

Of course I couldn’t find parking that early Friday evening at UTC for the movie. I was panicking as Arclight won’t let you in a movie if you’re ‘x’ amount of minutes late. I ran to the theatre and CDJ started laughing when I found him at the concession stand. He said he saw me trying to find parking (he had just found a space) and observed me driving around and around. He said I had the ‘vinegar’ face (imagine what your face looks like when you sniff vinegar) the entire time I was behind the wheel looking for a parking spot.  My shoulders slumped and I didn’t even have enough power to muster up the strength for a sarcastic comeback. He knew right away 1) ok, no more jokes and 2) she must be hungry.   Continue reading AMARDEEN CAFE – LA JOLLA, CA


I’ve had my eye on this restaurant for several months now. I didn’t think much about Calibanzo Hummus & Grill at first as I thought it would be all about hummus which isn’t exactly my favorite thing. Calibanzo Hummus & Grill opened about 2-3 months ago and the reviews I’ve seen thus far seem mostly positive. Plus, they seemed to have authentic skewers grilled over open coals. Me loves.

Calibanzo Hummus & Grill is located in the same mall as Trader Joes, Gyu Kaku, and Chuck e Cheese. This strip mall gets packed during lunch and parking can be tough. But hey, it’s nothing compared to Convoy so suck it up. If you’ve never been here before, look for Gyu Kaku and Board & Brew. You’ll see Calibanzo Hummus & Grill in the same corner of these restaurants.    Continue reading CALIBANZO HUMMUS & GRILL – SCRIPPS RANCH, CA