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Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA

I was curious to see what Trade Winds Tavern was about. I had seen them slowly take over the previous location. I didn’t know much about Trade Winds Tavern except seeing the mural of the girl every time we passed by. I didn’t know if the tavern would be Asian themed in regards to decor, food, and ambiance. We had a chance to visit Trade Winds Tavern recently for a media event.

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Lazy Acres Market (sister to Bristol Farms) – Encinitas

My heart melts when I see a new super market opening. I love the smell, sights, touch of these new markets. I had never heard of Lazy Acres Market. I didn’t know if it was a chain or perhaps a pricey organic kinda place (hello Whole Foods). So I was surprised to discover Lazy Acres Market is a sister market to Bristol Farms. My love of Bristol has diminished over the years but I’m a fan of their beer selection as well as their famous chocolate chip cookies. So I was excited to stop by Lazy Acres Market and check them out.

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Karl Strauss Brunch (Sorrento Valley)

I’ve been wanting to re visit the Karl Strauss Brunch for a few months now. My mom took me and Cdj in 2013 and we had an ok time. The all you can eat brunch comes with endless mimosas; a pint of beer; OR a flight of beer. You can’t choose all three but one could dream right. The brunch is only offered at the Sorrento Valley location which is fine as this location has the koi ponds and Japanese garden. We nabbed the earliest Sunday reservation at 9:45a. The cost is $26.95 per person. There’s a two hour limit where you can enjoy the brunch. There was also live music the morning we visited (it started late though around 11:15a). The Karl Strauss Brunch is offered every Sunday from 9:45a-2:00p.

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Poke UTC (+ weekend ramblings)

I had one of the best Sundays ever. Sunday school went well and service afterwards was even better. There was a sense of family and community that brought a different feel to the day. So what did I do afterwards. Returned stuff at the mall and then eat Poke. Didn’t really go with the theme of the day but hey.  UTC really really sucks on weekends. The parking is atrocious and people just seem real angry. I was going to take the afternoon to window shop for stuff I didn’t need but that was nixed pretty quickly (well, I still managed to buy an awesome pair of girlfriend jeans from GAP and nice summer linen pants from Anthro). So girlfriend and I were quickly tired and decided to head to nearby Poke UTC for a late afternoon lunch.

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IT’S RAW POKE SHOP – San Diego (Mira Mesa Farmers Market), CA

I was in Mira Mesa for lunch the other day and realized I’d be in the area for their Farmers Market. I was still hungry after lunch (something I call Beast Mode Eating when I’m in that hunger mood) so I figured I’d quickly visit Mira Mesa Farmers Market and grab an arepa, takoyaki, maybe a cookie too. Yes. Beast Mode was in full effect. The market had a sad vibe to it that afternoon. There weren’t a lot of vendors and everyone looked defeated for some reason. I was surprised when I passed by It’s Raw Poke Shop as I had never seen this vendor before.

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San Diego Restaurant Week Launch Party 2015

San Diego Restaurant Week recently threw a Launch Party showcasing their September “Celebrate Local” theme. The event would take place at Go Green Agriculture located in Encinitas. I was excited upon hearing that 20 food vendors would be participating in this launch as what better way to sample all the various dishes you can try out during San Diego Restaurant week.

This particular Saturday was scorching blistering hot. It took place outdoors at noon so the heat played a huge part on how this blogger tasted and sampled items that day.

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Hello Betty Fish House (Beats, Boards, Bites, Brew Event)- Oceanside, CA


I would be lying if I said it’s not awesome to get invites from restaurants to come in and try whatever event or menu compliments of the house. Of course it’s awesome. But it was never the reason I started this food blog. Yes, I like going as an invited person to these events but more importantly, I enjoy sharing the food and pics from these events with everyone here (or elsewhere). A friend mentioned to me that maybe, finally, the universe is aligning for me. I’m getting invites to places that actually have been on my bucket list to try and I’ve also been asked to contribute (write) for a travel website. This felt like the first week, in a long time, that I just breathed, exhaled, looked up, and smiled a genuine smile. At least that’s what friend said at the end of this event when we went to the pier to watch the sunset.    Continue reading Hello Betty Fish House (Beats, Boards, Bites, Brew Event)- Oceanside, CA

Katsu Cafe


CDJ doesn’t give a lot of good suggestions when it comes to food. In fact, his ‘let’s go here and eat’ suggestions are usually pretty darn bad. Recently though, he suggested we meet up at Katsu Cafe to grab a quick lunch and catch up.  Welp, I might have found my new favorite fast food Japanese place to eat folks. CDJ laughs at my overkill of loving a restaurant to death and then tiring of it just as quickly.
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Merry Christmas 2013 !

It’s been a lazy Christmas morning for me and I don’t think I would have it any other way. This week blew by so quickly that it’s hard to believe that TODAY is actually Christmas.

Dec 20 2013 007

I taught the kid’s Sunday school the other week and it was actually about the story of Christmas (yes!). I was relieved b/c it’s a story that most kids know. There were figurines to cut out to help illustrate the story telling. As I was teaching, one of the kids picked up the figurine of the little girl and asked ‘Miss Faye, who’s this?’. I did my blinking in confusion thing and looked over to the other woman helping me that morning. We both had NO idea who this little girl was. Was it Mary’s friend? Was it just a random little girl visiting the inn? I smiled and said ‘oh, it’s the inn keeper’s daughter?’. It’s moments like those that make me smile and appreciate every opportunity I have with these kids.

Youngest sis and I did some last minute shopping yesterday (mostly for ourselves – no shame in admitting that 🙂 ). We came home late and our feet ached from all the walking around. She decided to stay home to wrap presents (for the family) . I was going to Xmas eve service with a few friends but everyone’s plans changed last minute so I ended up going alone (which I kinda preferred).

Dec 25 2013 064


I look forward to two evening church services every year: Easter (eve) and Xmas eve. Always. There’s something about these two night services that brings back beautiful memories for me. They give you a candle at this service to light at the end.

Toxie wasn’t able to make it that night.

Dec 25 2013 068

So I got another candle to represent the both of us being there that night 🙂 I told her she would be there regardless of where she was at that moment.

Dec 25 2013 075 Dec 25 2013 078 Dec 25 2013 081

The church has a guest that night that did some incredible free hand painting while the a pastor gave the sermon. It was really cool. And at the end, we all light the candles and sing Christmas carols.

Dec 20 2013 027 Dec 20 2013 018


I used an old blanket that Lifu and Mochi used to sleep on as the Xmas tree skirt. Poor Lifu was confused as I find him hanging out under the tree quite a bit. Look at him. He actually looks really cute under there.

Here is my present to youngest sis today…

rose xmas present 001 rose xmas present 002 rose xmas present 003 rose xmas present 004


It’s a 3 tier candle tower from my favorite store Anthropologie. Not only do the candles smell amazing, they can later be used as DOG BOWLS!!!! How cool is that?!!

rose xmas present 006

We made Lifu pose with the side of the candle that most resembled his breed. See how happy he looks (yeah, not really right).

Dec 23 2013 016 Dec 23 2013 017 Dec 23 2013 018

Our ‘brunch’ today. Lobsters from H Mart!

Dec 23 2013 019 Dec 23 2013 020 Dec 23 2013 021

I use LOTS of fresh garlic and butter for the dipping sauce. I microwave the butter and raw garlic and that seems to tone down the ‘spiciness’ of the raw garlic. It’s really really good.

Dec 23 2013 024

This is all the lobster meat from the two lobsters. Kind of a lot of work but oh well.

Dec 23 2013 022 Dec 23 2013 023

I forgot that H Mart gave out free calenders one particular weekend. It was a nice quality calender too.

November 18 2013 360 November 18 2013 361

– sashimi salad/poke: tuna, salmon, snapper (?)

I found a small batch of cut of sashimi from H Mart as well so I thought I’d make a sashimi salad of some sort (I made a salmon poke version some time ago too).

Dec 23 2013 002 Dec 23 2013 001


– mayo, sriracha, and sweetfish roe

These were already in my fridge. I like my stuff super spicy but youngest sis doesn’t so I’m going to let her adjust the sashimi salad the way she wants it.

Side note: did anyone else hear about the possible shortage of Sriracha?

Dec 23 2013 014

There were plenty of bottles at H Mart recently so not sure what’s up.

November 18 2013 364 November 18 2013 365

Look at the beautiful, bright orange tobiko !!

So that’s where we’re at right now this sunny Christmas day. Youngest sis is still wrapping gifts as my nephews are coming over in a bit.

I sincerely wish those reading this post today a wonderful and peaceful Christmas/Holiday. Remember those that are important to you and your life. Don’t forget that this is the season to make things better (not only for others, but for yourself as well).

From my family (that would be the dogs) to yours, Merry beautiful Christmas…

Spicy Salmon Poke (~$15.14 grocery cost) & Soy Wrappers – San Diego, CA

Kirk posted a recipe for Spicy Tuna Poke awhile back and I knew immediately that I wanted to try to make it. I used salmon instead of tuna for my version though. But the first attempt wasn’t great – AND when you add up how much I spent on ingredients (I bought the ingredients from Nijiya), I felt my attempt was a bust.

SO. Kirk recently made the poke for the Missus and I again had to try to make my own (with salmon). Besides, I couldn’t imagine having something better on a beautiful Sunday evening.

First off, this is my sous chef. My second-in-command (did you know that’s actually what Sous Chef means!) when it comes to the kitchen. Useful lookin’ bugger don’t ya think.  Continue reading Spicy Salmon Poke (~$15.14 grocery cost) & Soy Wrappers – San Diego, CA