Pokewan – Del Mar, CA

Pokewan recently opened in the Del Mar Highlands shopping center. The poke shop is located on the bottom level next to the yogurt store and Pappalecco (which does anyone else read/enunciate as Poppa Let Go). Pokewan has received decent reviews. The owners also have a stake in Love Boat Sushi. I visited one late afternoon… Read More Pokewan – Del Mar, CA


Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA

I was curious to see what Trade Winds Tavern was about. I had seen them slowly take over the previous location. I didn’t know much about Trade Winds Tavern except seeing the mural of the girl every time we passed by. I didn’t know if the tavern would be Asian themed in regards to decor,… Read More Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA


Lazy Acres Market (sister to Bristol Farms) – Encinitas

My heart melts when I see a new super market opening. I love the smell, sights, touch of these new markets. I had never heard of Lazy Acres Market. I didn’t know if it was a chain or perhaps a pricey organic kinda place (hello Whole Foods). So I was surprised to discover Lazy Acres… Read More Lazy Acres Market (sister to Bristol Farms) – Encinitas


Karl Strauss Brunch (Sorrento Valley)

I’ve been wanting to re visit the Karl Strauss Brunch for a few months now. My mom took me and Cdj in 2013 and we had an ok time. The all you can eat brunch comes with endless mimosas; a pint of beer; OR a flight of beer. You can’t choose all three but one… Read More Karl Strauss Brunch (Sorrento Valley)


Poke UTC (+ weekend ramblings)

I had one of the best Sundays ever. Sunday school went well and service afterwards was even better. There was a sense of family and community that brought a different feel to the day. So what did I do afterwards. Returned stuff at the mall and then eat Poke. Didn’t really go with the theme… Read More Poke UTC (+ weekend ramblings)


IT’S RAW POKE SHOP – San Diego (Mira Mesa Farmers Market), CA

I was in Mira Mesa for lunch the other day and realized I’d be in the area for their Farmers Market. I was still hungry after lunch (something I call Beast Mode Eating when I’m in that hunger mood) so I figured I’d quickly visit Mira Mesa Farmers Market and grab an arepa, takoyaki, maybe… Read More IT’S RAW POKE SHOP – San Diego (Mira Mesa Farmers Market), CA


San Diego Restaurant Week Launch Party 2015

San Diego Restaurant Week recently threw a Launch Party showcasing their September “Celebrate Local” theme. The event would take place at Go Green Agriculture located in Encinitas. I was excited upon hearing that 20 food vendors would be participating in this launch as what better way to sample all the various dishes you can try… Read More San Diego Restaurant Week Launch Party 2015


Hello Betty Fish House (Beats, Boards, Bites, Brew Event)- Oceanside, CA

HELLO BETTY FISH HOUSE I would be lying if I said it’s not awesome to get invites from restaurants to come in and try whatever event or menu compliments of the house. Of course it’s awesome. But it was never the reason I started this food blog. Yes, I like going as an invited person… Read More Hello Betty Fish House (Beats, Boards, Bites, Brew Event)- Oceanside, CA


Katsu Cafe

KATSU CAFE CDJ doesn’t give a lot of good suggestions when it comes to food. In fact, his ‘let’s go here and eat’ suggestions are usually pretty darn bad. Recently though, he suggested we meet up at Katsu Cafe to grab a quick lunch and catch up. ¬†Welp, I might have found my new favorite… Read More Katsu Cafe


Merry Christmas 2013 !

It’s been a lazy Christmas morning for me and I don’t think I would have it any other way. This week blew by so quickly that it’s hard to believe that TODAY is actually Christmas. I taught the kid’s Sunday school the other week and it was actually about the story of Christmas (yes!). I… Read More Merry Christmas 2013 !