Yu Spa (restaurant & fun date) – San Diego, CA

Funny things are happening. Not all things funny means all things happy/sad. I’m learning to embrace what’s currently in front of me and to say yes more often. As a surprise a few weeks ago, Cdj had his team design a new blog logo. It’s inspired me to share more stories that bring food and… Read More Yu Spa (restaurant & fun date) – San Diego, CA


Hinotez ( Christmas Eve dinner) – San Diego, CA

I didn’t think I’d be having Christmas Eve dinner at Hinotez this 2017. The decision happened because we 1) had no plan; 2) no one wanted Chinese food; and 3) Hinotez was open until a whopping 1am that holiday eve. I’ve been to Hinotez myself for lunch and thought the food was ok. Never tried… Read More Hinotez ( Christmas Eve dinner) – San Diego, CA


Menya Ultra

Sis and I finally had time to catch up the other day over lunch. She picked me up and we headed to Menya Ultra upon my suggestion. We argued ┬áback and forth about trying Menya Ultra due to the long wait and lines during peak hours. We were lucky to have had no wait for… Read More Menya Ultra


Wokou Ramen & Yakitori

It’s been exciting to see Wokou Ramen & Yakitori build this North County location to their liking. You can tell the owners/partners want to bring a different vibe to this part of town. The open and sleek restaurant is hip, modern, and a breath of fresh air. Plus, where can you find ramen and yakitori… Read More Wokou Ramen & Yakitori


Ajisen Ramen – San Diego, CA

I’m always excited when I see a new restaurant coming to Convoy. That’s the foodie in me. It’s also the ‘I desperately need something new to try (in Convoy)’ self in me. Ajisen Ramen opened this weekend in San Diego. They took over the old Coco’s restaurant located next to 99 Ranch. Ajisen Ramen has… Read More Ajisen Ramen – San Diego, CA

Asian, Desserts

T-Pop Desserts & More

T-Pop Desserts & More is a small dessert shop located in Mira Mesa. They also serve various ramens, appetizers, and rice dishes. We visited some weeks ago as I had a Groupon deal to burn before the expiration date. The deal required that you order at least one non-dessert item from their menu. I’m not… Read More T-Pop Desserts & More


JINYA Ramen Bar – Pacific Beach, CA

The cold weather prompts people to seek refuge and solace. My refuge and solace happens to be ramen at the moment during the colder temperatures here in San Diego. JINYA Ramen Bar opened some time ago in Pacific Beach. The reviews seemed mostly positive so we decided to visit this modern ramen bar over the… Read More JINYA Ramen Bar – Pacific Beach, CA


Taste of Hillcrest 2015

I kinda gave up on these Taste of ‘insert city name here’ events some time ago. The lines were long, the walk from restaurant to restaurant was tedious, and my stomach couldn’t handle all the various samples (shocking, I know). But when someone offers you their extra ticket to the Taste of Hillcrest, well, maybe… Read More Taste of Hillcrest 2015


Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – San Diego, CA

KULA REVOLVING SUSHI BAR What is it with sushi conveyor belts that drives a girl like me bonks. I remember a time, when sis and I were little, going to a restaurant where the belt was an actual little river, carrying little miniature boats topped with two pieces of sushi, that floated around the entire… Read More Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – San Diego, CA


RAMEN YAMADAYA (+ Lifu personal space ramblings)

RAMEN YAMADAYA Cold weather = hot soup for me and my family. It doesn’t matter if it’s Asian hot pot, shabu shabu, or ramen. Just ANY type of hot soup will hit *the spot* right in our belly. I’ve been to Ramen Yamadaya several times now but the last experience there wasn’t all that great.… Read More RAMEN YAMADAYA (+ Lifu personal space ramblings)