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Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant – Arcadia, CA

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant is a restaurant I have been wanting to try for some time now. They are located in Arcadia, CA. I’ve passed by this restaurant several times and was itching to try their famous Meizhou Roast Duck. My mom is such a lovable parent that she immediately said yes when I threw a tantrum wanting to try Meizhou Dongpo. Just kidding. The restaurant is stunning and modern. There wasn’t a wait when we visited one weekend afternoon. Continue reading Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant – Arcadia, CA

Noble Chef – San Diego, CA

I think I know Convoy Street (and the area) pretty well so I wasn’t really quite sure why I hadn’t been to Noble Chef before. I’ve seen this restaurant but never paid much thought to it. So I was a bit taken aback when I glanced in to take a quick look. The first thing that took my breath away was their roasted meat show cased in the very front. How did I *NOT* know a place that has roast duck and roast pork. Plus, the interior of Noble Chef looked clean, bright, and modern. Cdj was on the way to meet me for lunch but I immediately called him to say there was a change of plans.

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Sieu Sieu BBQ – San Diego, CA


Two words.

Roast Duck.

The end.

Can you imagine if that was the entirety of this post. CDJ called me last night and he, again, can’t believe it takes over 30 minutes to write ANY post on a blog. Thanks man.

Roast duck is a staple in my life. I just love it so much. There’s something about the gluttony of eating one: the crispy skin, the melty subcutaneous fat under that skin, the perfect moist meat of the breast.

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Hong Kong BBQ & Dim Sum – Mira Mesa (San Diego), CA

Hong Kong BBQ & Dim Sum

Sis, nephews, and I decided to try out Hong Kong BBQ in Mira Mesa last week for an early dinner. I used to order their roast duck bbq plate a few years ago for my dog (I mean this as a compliment as he was old and a super finicky eater). Sis, who is a stuck up brat when it comes to roast duck, swore the roast duck at Hong Kong BBQ was better than Sam Woo’s roast duck. But that was a few years ago so we figured why not try out the restaurant for a sit down dinner this time around. Continue reading Hong Kong BBQ & Dim Sum – Mira Mesa (San Diego), CA

Sam Woo – 99 Ranch

Who hasn’t been here. Honestly. It’s been such a staple for cheap Hong Kong style eats (with a touch of, generally, horrible service).

We know the routine. If it’s packed, you put your name down and wait for mean waiter to call your name (and don’t even think about leaving the area before your name is called b/c they’ll cross your name off if you’re not there and lose your place on list).

But they are one of the few places in SD that offers roast bbq duck. If you are lucky to get a freshly roasted one, you’ll never want try another fowl in your life. It’s *THAT* good when it’s fresh. BUT. When it’s not. You’ll know.

Sis and I come here for lunch b/c they have some decent deals. Prices are in 3 categories. $5.95-$6.95 (something like that). Continue reading Sam Woo – 99 Ranch