Flour & Barley (Yelp Event) – San Diego, CA

It’s been good to be home. Jet lag is wearing off but I think I’m getting sick (just like everyone else). My mom is in town and she brought back her Lifu (note “HER” lifu – post coming about that). Flour & Barley is an Italian restaurant I had heard buzz about through Yelp. I… Read More Flour & Barley (Yelp Event) – San Diego, CA

Japanese, Taiwan

Kazoku – Hualien, Taiwan

To say that I’m making each moment count here in Taiwan is an understatement. Jet lag can’t even stop the time I’m memorizing with my mom and grandma. I haven’t been sleeping much, not just because of the time change, but mostly because the three of us stay up talking and laughing until well after… Read More Kazoku – Hualien, Taiwan


Karl Strauss Brewing Company (4S Ranch)

Sis introduced me to this Karl Strauss Brewing Company location some many years ago. She visits this shopping center because she swears she’s seen Philip Rivers’ nanny go to Pei Wei to pick up food and maybe, just maybe, sis will run into Philip one day. Football-Crazy runs in our family. A good friend recently… Read More Karl Strauss Brewing Company (4S Ranch)


Poke UTC (+ weekend ramblings)

I had one of the best Sundays ever. Sunday school went well and service afterwards was even better. There was a sense of family and community that brought a different feel to the day. So what did I do afterwards. Returned stuff at the mall and then eat Poke. Didn’t really go with the theme… Read More Poke UTC (+ weekend ramblings)


Sushiya – Del Mar, CA

I have no idea how long Sushiya has been here in Del Mar Highlands but it feels like an eternity for some reason. I’d pass by them many times but never had an urge to try them. This Japanese restaurant seemed almost over shadowed by Searsucker that is just to the left of them. But… Read More Sushiya – Del Mar, CA


Encinitas Fish Shop

Something I’ve enjoyed doing this season (of my life) is visiting restaurants along Highway 101. I am the last person you’ll want to be with on any car ride as I’m always in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B. Scenic driving is not my cup of tea. So it’s been funny… Read More Encinitas Fish Shop


Dolce at the Highlands

It’s exciting when you see a restaurant take over a brand new place. They get to design and conceptualize that particular space and make it their own. We saw Dolce at the Highlands being constructed some time ago and recently noticed they opened. There were no signs or indication at the location to let anyone… Read More Dolce at the Highlands


IT’S RAW POKE SHOP – San Diego (Mira Mesa Farmers Market), CA

I was in Mira Mesa for lunch the other day and realized I’d be in the area for their Farmers Market. I was still hungry after lunch (something I call Beast Mode Eating when I’m in that hunger mood) so I figured I’d quickly visit Mira Mesa Farmers Market and grab an arepa, takoyaki, maybe… Read More IT’S RAW POKE SHOP – San Diego (Mira Mesa Farmers Market), CA


Marketplace Grille – Carmel Valley, CA

I’m a creature of habit and that holds pretty much true to places I frequent often to eat. Lunch can be boring because I sometimes just want to eat and get the heck outta there. No disrespect to whatever habitual restaurant I go to. It’s just I have my blinders on when I’m on a… Read More Marketplace Grille – Carmel Valley, CA


Catalina Offshore Products (samples + Tommy Gomes amaebi demo)

The heat, along with a hectic work schedule, about ruined me last week. You ever just have one of those days where you say EFF IT. That day started bright and early Friday morning when I got up at 5a. Do you know how frustrating waking chirping birds can be to an insomniac. I can… Read More Catalina Offshore Products (samples + Tommy Gomes amaebi demo)