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Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs – Escondido, CA

How many sandwiches have I had over a lifetime. Quite a bit I’d like to think. My love of sandwiches has grown over the years as I punish myself over freshly baked bread while counting carbs. We were in Escondido over the weekend and wanted to find a quick/cheap sandwich place to try out before we headed to a local brewery. I knew Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs was nearby so we decided to try out this sandwich shop.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy the sandwich shop but the sandwich I had here at Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs was one of the best things I’ve eaten all year.

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Roma Market – Escondido, CA

What does a girl do when she’s having a bad day with not much of an appetite. She goes to an Italian market to use a gift certificate she previously bought for someone else. Then she orders like a cray cray with the facade of ‘oh yes I’m bringing this *second* sandwich back to my co worker’. I was totally going to eat that second sandwich myself. Healthy right. I’ve seen Roma Market on social media and I’ve also seen this Italian market when we drive to Valley View Casino (I know, what a horrible sentence). I’ve been curious about Roma Market as I knew they have an inside deli that makes pizzas, sandwiches, and salads. They even have home made desserts.

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Le Parfait Paris (Yelp event) – San Diego, CA

Yelp recently partnered with Le Parfait Paris to offer yelpers a chance to try out the restaurant’s French inspired dishes and pastries. We were given a $25 credit to try anything we wanted from Le Parfait Paris. Making a reservation was easy and confirmation was appreciated via an email sent to us. We visited on a weekend hoping for a brunch meal. Their weekend brunch is popular and runs until 2p or so. We opted for a later meal and was happy to try their sandwiches.

The restaurant is pristine and well maintained. Their pastries and desserts are showcased for you to see when you walk in. You order at the counter, pay, and then seat yourself. There’s also a dog friendly outdoor patio.

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The Barrel Room

There’s nothing better than getting together with a girlfriend and catching up. It’s great to do so over coffee or a walk on the beach but this is a food blog so who let’s keep it real. Catching up with a friend is best done over a cheese & meat board with a bottle of wine at a restaurant I’ve yet to try. Friend suggested The Barrel Room as she’s a fan of their vinos and cheeseboards. So we stopped by one evening to sit in their patio and share a dinner together.

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O’Brien’s Pub – San Diego, CA

I’m nervous to tell you the reason I’ve never been to O’Brien’s Pub in Convoy. So here it goes – I thought everyone there would be irate at Asians because that parking lot sucks so bad. There. I said it. I half kid but the truth of the matter is that I’ve eaten at every single place in that plaza EXCEPT O’Brien’s Pub. I knew they have a great beer selection (told to me by non-Asian friends), play soccer matches, and probably serve non-Asian food. That was the extent  of my knowledge of O’Brien’s Pub. But now, I am a fan of this little pub here in Convoy. I’ve gone a handful of times and have been impressed.

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House of Bites – San Diego (Miramar), CA

I’ll take up any opportunity to try out a new hole in the wall in Miramar. I used to work in the area so this part of town holds a special place in this blogger’s food obsessed heart. I hadn’t heard of House of Bites and read favorable reviews about this Mediterranean and Italian (?) mom & pop shop on Yelp. Not always a good thing when you see a bunch of 5 stars and nothing else though. But House of Bites was worth a try as I’ve been on a crazy binge of eating sandwiches lately.

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Veranda Fireside Lounge & Restaurant (Rancho Bernardo Inn)

I’m a blessed girl when it comes to my friends and family. Sometimes they just know what I need without me asking for it. I had never been to Rancho Bernardo Inn because I thought it was a lame golf resort where old people hung out (I’d be in that category so don’t hate). Tox surprised me with a staycation at this resort (post to follow) and then my mom surprised me with another staycation here for a present. Yes, they get that when I like something, I *really* like something. Veranda Fireside Lounge & Restaurant is the casual restaurant at Rancho Bernardo Inn. We ate there four times during both visits.

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I don’t frequent Leucadia or Encinitas all that often but was giddy when I came across Solterra Winery & Kitchen some many months ago. I knew instantly I wanted to have my birthday celebration here. I’m not exactly subtle at dropping hints so it wasn’t hard for Cdj to pick up on the very obvious nuances I’d sputter out (about Solterra Winery & Kitchen) every time the topic of my birthday came up.  So a few weekends ago, he ‘surprised’ me with a luncheon here where a close group of friends had gathered together to celebrate my 21st birthday (that’s the age I wanted to be that afternoon).


Supernatural Sea to Sandwich

I was going to do a fun wine tasting in Miramar (I know, odd right) but the tasting didn’t offer as much food as we’d originally thought. Luckily, I remembered Supernatural Sea to Sandwich was nearby so we took a quick walk from the wine store to this popular sandwich shop. The heat that Saturday was excruciating. Like, no joke. It was brutal brutal brutal heat. The sandwich shop is small and it was packed to the brim with customers so that didn’t exactly help with air conditioning circulation that humid afternoon.

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Lemonade UTC

Who hasn’t heard of Lemonade opening in UTC. There was a palpable buzz and anticipation for this restaurant opening since people saw their colorful logo put up when they started the build out of this popular cafeteria style eatery. Shamps had gone to their new Hillcrest location and had raved about it. So I was excited with foodie love when I received an invite to try out the summer menu here at Lemonade UTC.

Their website states: ” Lemonade captures the L.A. spirit of adventure about food, an appreciation of the freshest seasonal ingredients, and a desire to reinterpret familiar dishes with unexpected twists. Our food is for people who care about what they eat. It’s clean, healthy, and inventive cuisine. ” 

I went to college in LA so understand a bit about the food culture and scene there. I never tried Lemonade since I left Los Angeles so that was another reason to be giddy to try their famed salads/braises/desserts here at their UTC location.

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