Sushi Kyodai (Lunch Specials) – Carmel Mountain, CA

This post makes me miss my grandmother. We visited Sushi Kyodai a few weeks ago for lunch. Costco is nearby so we would often spend time there (isn’t it funny how my family members share the same penchant for Costco). Sushi Kyodai is located in the same center as Home Depot in Carmel Mountain. There… Read More Sushi Kyodai (Lunch Specials) – Carmel Mountain, CA


Ken Sushi Workshop

My sister has mentioned several times to visit Ken Sushi Workshop for a dinner date. She and Peanut enjoy this restaurant for special sushi dinner nights with their husbands. This unassuming restaurant is located in a business park with California Bank & Trust. One of the chefs used to work for the infamous Sushi Ota… Read More Ken Sushi Workshop


El Pescador Fish Market & Restaurant

I visited El Pescador Fish Market & Restaurant when they were located in a tiny location in La Jolla. The restaurant was cramped, parking was tough, and the visit always seemed stressful. I heard they relocated just across the street so I figured it was time to visit El Pescador and see what seafood they… Read More El Pescador Fish Market & Restaurant

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Kazoku – Hualien, Taiwan

To say that I’m making each moment count here in Taiwan is an understatement. Jet lag can’t even stop the time I’m memorizing with my mom and grandma. I haven’t been sleeping much, not just because of the time change, but mostly because the three of us stay up talking and laughing until well after… Read More Kazoku – Hualien, Taiwan

Farmers Market

Liberty Public Market

The buzz about the Liberty Public Market was pretty exciting and loud wasn’t it. I didn’t think too much about this new indoor public market as I’ve been to similar versions in Seattle and San Francisco (gosh all with exs too, how ironic). Liberty Public Market is located in Point Loma and finding parking that… Read More Liberty Public Market


Tajima Izakaya

Tajima Izakaya is the restaurant my guy friends (who could care two sh*ts about food) prefer to eat when they’re done partying. These are the same guy friends that think Guy Fieri is a wonderful man and want to be friends with. SO, not sure if that gives Tajima Izakaya cred or no cred if you… Read More Tajima Izakaya



I stumbled across this sushi restaurant the other week. A meeting went longer than expected and I was faint (I’m so dramatic) from being so hungry. Someone I owed a huge favor to was going to join me so we both thought Sushi Huku would be a nice place to have lunch. I couldn’t quite… Read More SUSHI HUKU – SAN MARCOS, CA

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Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub

This post of Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub is over due as I visited this restaurant some weeks ago. It’s been a hectic week so it’s been hard to take a breather and write about food. I don’t know how other bloggers do it sometimes. So I will do my best to remember what’s in these… Read More Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub


Ikiru Japanese (+ Skinny Fish ramblings) – Point Loma (San Diego, CA)

Ikiru Japanese has been on my ” Must Eat” places in SD for some time now. It’s hard to find a new Japanese restaurant that you can fall in love with. I have my regular Japanese/Korean sushi places I frequent but there’s not really one specific place that I’d say is *THE* sushi place to… Read More Ikiru Japanese (+ Skinny Fish ramblings) – Point Loma (San Diego, CA)

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Zip Fusion (+ Stupid Lifu the Dog ramblings) – Torrey Hills (San Diego), CA

I’ve seen ads for this place for quite some time now but never had the urge to try it out. They’re not really located in the Carmel Valley area that I normally frequent so it’s never been on my list of places to check out. But before the SF trip, I wanted sushi so bad.… Read More Zip Fusion (+ Stupid Lifu the Dog ramblings) – Torrey Hills (San Diego), CA