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Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant – Arcadia, CA

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant is a restaurant I have been wanting to try for some time now. They are located in Arcadia, CA. I’ve passed by this restaurant several times and was itching to try their famous Meizhou Roast Duck. My mom is such a lovable parent that she immediately said yes when I threw a tantrum wanting to try Meizhou Dongpo. Just kidding. The restaurant is stunning and modern. There wasn’t a wait when we visited one weekend afternoon. Continue reading Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant – Arcadia, CA

Tresors de la Mer (@Addiction Aquatic Development) – Taipei, Taiwan

Our adventure at the Addiction Aquatic Development led us to Tresors de la Mer which is a sit down Japanese restaurant at the Taipei Fish Market. There’s no sit down sushi area inside Addiction Aquatic Development so my mom insisted we try Tresors de la Mer which is located to the right of the charcoal grill restaurant of the market.

Tresors de la Mer offers fresh seafood that they obtain from the market. It’s a sit down restaurant with two different seating levels. You have to walk up a flight of stairs in order to get to the patio/2nd/3rd floors(there are no elevators).

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Blue Point Coastal Cuisine ( Yelp Event)

Yelp San Diego recently partnered with Blue Point Coastal Cuisine to host a “Best of Blue Point” with a course by course wine pairing. I’ve been enjoying these reservation-only yelp dinners as they give you a personal feel of the restaurants. The tasting dinner included:

– Seafood Platter
-Individual wine pairings for each course

I’ve passed by Blue Point Coastal Cuisine MANY times when I used to go clubbing downtown (do they even call it that anymore) but never really gave this restaurant much thought as it seemed fancy and a bit stuffy. So this Yelp dinner was a great way to get us acquainted with this 20+ year old Cohen Restaurant that seemed alive and well in downtown San Diego.

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Supernatural Sea to Sandwich

I was going to do a fun wine tasting in Miramar (I know, odd right) but the tasting didn’t offer as much food as we’d originally thought. Luckily, I remembered Supernatural Sea to Sandwich was nearby so we took a quick walk from the wine store to this popular sandwich shop. The heat that Saturday was excruciating. Like, no joke. It was brutal brutal brutal heat. The sandwich shop is small and it was packed to the brim with customers so that didn’t exactly help with air conditioning circulation that humid afternoon.

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The Hake Kitchen and Bar (Yelp Event) – La Jolla, CA

Yelp recently partnered with The Hake Kitchen and Bar in La Jolla to host dinners for those that were lucky enough to get in. Each person was able to invite one guest. You would be able to share three appetizers, one dessert, and two drinks between you and your guest. The restaurant would call you with a date and time of the week that worked best for both parties. I was quite blown away by this offering and so hoped that I’d get in as I’ve wanted to try Hake Kitchen and Bar for so long. I’ve had my eye on their Sea Scallop Tiradito for over a year now. So I was elated to have the opportunity to finally try out this dish (and a few others) without maxing out my already maxed out credit cards.    Continue reading The Hake Kitchen and Bar (Yelp Event) – La Jolla, CA


My mom and I have different tastes in food. She will proclaim that so-and-so is THE BEST whatever restaurant in town while I’ll say ‘eh, it’s alright’ after I try the place. China Max is that place for me. My mom and uncle think China Max is the preferred place to eat when it comes to Chinese food.

She wanted to treat FratB to dinner when she was in town some time ago. I think she gets a kick of seeing him wide eyed when trying new dishes (and his mastery of using chopsticks). I had suggested meeting at Pearl restaurant but she scoffed and said she didn’t like the food at Pearl. Continue reading CHINA MAX – SAN DIEGO, CA

Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill


I pretty much thought I’d written off any Guy Fieri related restaurants here in San Diego. So I wasn’t exactly thrilled when a date suggested coming here for a Sunday lunch. I had heard almost TOO much about Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill and pretty much didn’t want to wait in line for 30+ minutes to eat. But whatever. The date’s going to suck anyways so why not go down in flames. We were able to find parking up the street so no issues there. Then I saw this: Continue reading Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill

Herringbone ( Olive trees + Fireplace) – La Jolla, CA


It just occurred to me that this is another Brian Malarkey restaurant (I just posted about Searsucker Del Mar which is also a Malarkey owned restaurant).

I’ve wanted to try Herringbone for some time now. I went there with my friend Peanut some months ago for drinks. The ambiance that night wasn’t really my thing b/c it was too loud and crowded. But I had heard great things about their food and was hoping to try it out again.

Someone invited me for to dinner and decided on this spot so I was pretty excited. I believe it was a Tues evening around 6p so the restaurant was pretty empty. It’s beautiful in the front of the restaurant. There’s a nice size bar (no TVs though – boo) and a cozy fireplace to the right of the restaurant. (I’ve been obsessed w/ finding restaurants w/ fireplaces or firepits during this cold season 🙂 ). Continue reading Herringbone ( Olive trees + Fireplace) – La Jolla, CA