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Tresors de la Mer (@Addiction Aquatic Development) – Taipei, Taiwan

Our adventure at the Addiction Aquatic Development led us to Tresors de la Mer which is a sit down Japanese restaurant at the Taipei Fish Market. There’s no sit down sushi area inside Addiction Aquatic Development so my mom insisted we try Tresors de la Mer which is located to the right of the charcoal grill restaurant of the market.

Tresors de la Mer offers fresh seafood that they obtain from the market. It’s a sit down restaurant with two different seating levels. You have to walk up a flight of stairs in order to get to the patio/2nd/3rd floors(there are no elevators).

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Addiction Aquatic Development (Taipei Fish Market)

We took a late train from Hualien back to Taipei. I only had a few days left here in Taiwan so my mom was making the most of it. One of those surprises was an excursion to Addiction Aquatic Development in Taipei. Now I know you might be laughing at the name and wondering if I’m writing about an amusement park or what. But no, Addiction Aquatic Development, also known as Taipei Fish Market, is a seafood fanatic’s dream.

They are known for their ten areas inside this industrial type building and location. The ten areas include live seafood, made to order sushi, seafood bar, shabu shabu, charcoal grill bbq, a beautiful supermarket, cooked foods, Tresors de la Mer (a fancy restaurant I’ll post about soon), fruit section, and flowers.

Imagine Catalina Offshore Products merged with Liberty Public Market and had a seafood baby. That sounds ridiculous but hopefully you’ll understand when you see the pictures of Addiction Aquatic Development.

First off, let me share what was waiting for us when we came home to my grandmother’s…

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Crab Town – San Diego, CA

My world revolves around food. It truly does. I’ve always said food brings people together. A meal can mend, heal, celebrate whatever you’re going through. I’m on a crazy Louisiana seafood boil craze at the moment and I’m lucky to have amazing friends who help me feed my current food frenzy. I hadn’t heard much about Crab Town and didn’t even know about them. But they have lunch specials that other similar style restaurants don’t offer so it was the perfect opportunity for me to finally try out Crab Town in San Diego.

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Encinitas Fish Shop

Something I’ve enjoyed doing this season (of my life) is visiting restaurants along Highway 101. I am the last person you’ll want to be with on any car ride as I’m always in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B. Scenic driving is not my cup of tea. So it’s been funny that I look forward to exploring what the 101 offers. Friend wanted to take me to Encinitas Fish Shop as he’s visited the restaurant with his family and they’ve all enjoyed the seafood. The weather was sunny, warm, and bright the weekend of our visit.

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R&B Crawfish Lounge

We often talk about the best restaurants to take a first date. I might have just found the place to take her (or him) if you 1) either like her/him alot or 2) want to see her/him patience threshold. More to come on that later. We noticed R&B Crawfish Lounge being built for some time now. They’ve been open for just a few weeks but business seemed slow for whatever reason. I needed a date night (hey, girls need those ok) so friend agreed to try R&B Crawfish Lounge one Saturday evening. They currently have all day happy hour so that’s a great first date bonus right there.

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Blue Point Coastal Cuisine ( Yelp Event)

Yelp San Diego recently partnered with Blue Point Coastal Cuisine to host a “Best of Blue Point” with a course by course wine pairing. I’ve been enjoying these reservation-only yelp dinners as they give you a personal feel of the restaurants. The tasting dinner included:

– Seafood Platter
-Individual wine pairings for each course

I’ve passed by Blue Point Coastal Cuisine MANY times when I used to go clubbing downtown (do they even call it that anymore) but never really gave this restaurant much thought as it seemed fancy and a bit stuffy. So this Yelp dinner was a great way to get us acquainted with this 20+ year old Cohen Restaurant that seemed alive and well in downtown San Diego.

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Top Island Seafood Restaurant (Thanksgiving Dinner) – Alhambra, CA

I usually celebrate Thanksgiving in San Diego and host a dinner at my place for friends & family who don’t have a place to go. But this year my mom wanted all of us to drive to Los Angeles so she could treat everyone to a Thanksgiving dinner at a seafood restaurant. I’ve seen Top Island Seafood Restaurant a few times when I was in San Gabriel but never had a chance to try them out. So we trekked it to Los Angeles Thanksgiving Thursday to spend a very traditional holiday at a Chinese seafood restaurant (note irony and humor in that).

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Oceana Coastal Kitchen (Sunday Champagne Brunch)

I figured out the secret(s) to having a successful Sunday brunch: you must like the company that is sitting next to you; there must be some sort of classy liqueur; and there must be an abundant amount of fresh seafood. Oceana Coastal Kitchen was my answer to ‘Brunch, where’ve you been all my life?’. Their Sunday Champagne Brunch ($58/adult; $26 for children) is unique in a variety of ways. They have a sushi bar that offers nigiri, sashimi, and maki rolls. There’s also a cold seafood bar that offers crab legs, oysters on a half shell, shrimp. Then there are the various salads, bagel and lox, cheese platter, and desserts. The kicker is that you get to choose one full entree with the brunch (more to follow on that).

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Fish District – San Diego, CA

I haven’t been making my weekly trips to Costco lately. I don’t know why. Oh I know. My membership expired and I didn’t want to spend money to renew it (so far, so good on this). Did you know Costco will be ending their relationship with Amex next year? Mother’s Day was approaching and sis wanted to make a trip to Costco. Her Costco membership is quite intact so she offered for me to tag a long with her (gee, thanks oh great one). We both get defeated when it comes to lunch at times because we feel we’ve eaten at every single place, especially here in the Carmel Mountain area. We begrudgingly agreed on Rubios but then saw the new Fish District on the same side of this mall. Sis actually said she’s visited the Fish District in Carlsbad with a friend and liked their seafood.  Continue reading Fish District – San Diego, CA

Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill


I pretty much thought I’d written off any Guy Fieri related restaurants here in San Diego. So I wasn’t exactly thrilled when a date suggested coming here for a Sunday lunch. I had heard almost TOO much about Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill and pretty much didn’t want to wait in line for 30+ minutes to eat. But whatever. The date’s going to suck anyways so why not go down in flames. We were able to find parking up the street so no issues there. Then I saw this: Continue reading Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill