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Hui An Garden – San Diego, CA

My uncle recently treated the family to dinner at Hui An Garden. The restaurant has been in a strange transition over the past few months. I heard a manager from Jasmine took over the restaurant when it was still Fu An Garden but that didn’t fare well. Then it was recently re branded Hui An Garden with another manager from Jasmine. My family knows the manager and made reservations for a dinner celebration over the weekend.

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Chun’s Seafood & Grill (formerly Chin’s Seafood & Grill)

Chin’s (not to be confused with Chun’s) Seafood & Grill used to be my go to place for lunch. I loved their Da Ru mein and Shanghai spareribs. The location was simple and convenient. I stopped going after my disastrous Taiwanese breakfast some time ago. Friend wanted to treat me to lunch recently as I had a successful work day so we both agreed to meet at Chin’s. We were both shocked that Yelp said the restaurant had closed. I called the restaurant, someone picked up, and said the business is still open. Little did we know that the restaurant had changed it’s name to Chun’s Seafood & Grill.

We laughed a bit when we saw the revised restaurant name on the building…

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