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1010 Hunan Cuisine – Taipei, Taiwan

I’ve been settling in Taipei just fine. We leave today for Hualien so I’m excited about the familiar faces I will see. I still have jet lag and it doesn’t help that sis tries to facetime me when it’s 2am here (‘oh, oops, sooorrrrry’ was her apology but then we ended up talking for 30 min). I see my youngest uncle everyday and he’s the coolest guy. He’s an architect so he’s just always busy. He’d come by and I’d whimper ‘can you pleeeaase take me out today’ and my mom/grams would screech ‘are you crazy, he’s so busy!’. I should seriously translate Are You Crazy into mandarin/taiwanese because I hear that at least nine times a day. Ok here it is according to my grandmother who’s laughing her hynie off as I type this: 你才疯了. 

Uncle wanted to treat us to dinner so he and my mom picked a Hunan restaurant downtown. Traffic that Friday night was terrible and my uncle’s driving got me car sick. He’s a very calm soft spoken man but with a wicked sense of humor. I asked if he could teach me to drive in Taipei which he agreed to until my mom started yelling at him. Taipei’s car and motorbike congestion is unreal. I’m glad I didn’t try to drive that night as there truly are no rules here when it comes to cutting in, cutting people off, etc.

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Char House: Saigon Grill and Pho – San Diego, CA

Friends think I should rent a condo in Convoy as I’m in that area at least two times a week. To eat. Like, seriously. For food. I’ve seen signs for Char House over the last few months and was curious to see what this new Vietnamese restaurant had to offer. Note to self and to others reading this: Char House is closed on TUESDAYS. I, of course, tried to visit for the first time on a Tuesday and cried when I pulled on the closed doors. They are located across from Car Max and a tshirt printing company.

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Manila Sunset Grille

Manila Sunset Grille has been in Mira Mesa for some time now. Their location went through a nice exterior renovation recently. I’m not sure how we ended up finally trying Manila Sunset Grille last year but it’s been my go to grilled skewers place since then. Each item is made to order so there’s usually a wait time to get your dishes. I have no issue with this as hot off the grill items need time to prep so it’s understandable. Parking has never been an issue even on busy days so Cdj and I have visited Manila Sunset Grille restaurant several times already.

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Marketplace Grille – Carmel Valley, CA

I’m a creature of habit and that holds pretty much true to places I frequent often to eat. Lunch can be boring because I sometimes just want to eat and get the heck outta there. No disrespect to whatever habitual restaurant I go to. It’s just I have my blinders on when I’m on a time frame and can’t deviate from said time frame. So, I was surprised when, one day, I noticed Marketplace Grille in the Carmel Valley Plaza.

I was going to go my standard AYCE Indian restaurant but the lunch specials at Marketplace Grille caught my eye.

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I’ve had my eye on this restaurant for several months now. I didn’t think much about Calibanzo Hummus & Grill at first as I thought it would be all about hummus which isn’t exactly my favorite thing. Calibanzo Hummus & Grill opened about 2-3 months ago and the reviews I’ve seen thus far seem mostly positive. Plus, they seemed to have authentic skewers grilled over open coals. Me loves.

Calibanzo Hummus & Grill is located in the same mall as Trader Joes, Gyu Kaku, and Chuck e Cheese. This strip mall gets packed during lunch and parking can be tough. But hey, it’s nothing compared to Convoy so suck it up. If you’ve never been here before, look for Gyu Kaku and Board & Brew. You’ll see Calibanzo Hummus & Grill in the same corner of these restaurants.    Continue reading CALIBANZO HUMMUS & GRILL – SCRIPPS RANCH, CA

Bacon and Barrels 2015 – San Diego, CA

I couldn’t believe it when I got a media invite to Bacon and Barrels 2015. It was an event that I’d been wanting to try but never got around to in the past. So the invite felt like raindrop on roses and whiskers on kittens (please tell me you know where that came from). The event took place last Saturday May 9, 2015 from 1p-5p. As the event name touts, there would be vendors sampling bacon related items (both food and alcohol).  Did I mention the samples were unlimited. Yeah. Unlimited. Gimme that whiskered kitten stat.

These unlimited sample events always had me at, well, unlimited. Not so much about the booze but because of the food. Anyone remember the disastrous Uncasked: A Neighborhood Craft Beer event in La Jolla last year. Bacon and Barrels definitely had more food items compared to Uncasked. PLUS, hello, the event is bacon centered so I was eager for weeks to try out this event at the Embarcadero.   Continue reading Bacon and Barrels 2015 – San Diego, CA

Souplantation (Eat with the Farmers Event)

I received an invite to Souplantation’s Eat with the Farmers Event in Carmel Valley a few weeks ago. I’ve been to this Carmel Valley location many times and actually liked the location even more after they remodeled (but I was depressed they took out the chicken in my beloved Chinese Chicken Salad, boo). This event intrigued me because as I never knew Souplantation had a farm-to-table concept. They actually work with local San Diego farmers to supply vegetables and produce to their locations. Souplantation wanted to thank their local farmers with this event by surprising them with a green carpet event (much like a veggie Oscar’s party!) and have them greeted by the children of the employee’s working there.   Continue reading Souplantation (Eat with the Farmers Event)


Why can’t we have more Japanese skewer restaurants like Yakitori Yakyudori here in San Diego. My family likes this place so much. Even my impatient mom, who RARELY waits on any list for a restaurant, came here first one night to put her name on the wait list. We waited AN HOUR AND 20 MINUTES folks. I couldn’t believe my mom was ok with that (don’t get me wrong she still complained the entire hour and 20 minutes though).

I’ve blogged several times about Yakitori Yakyudori and still think it’s a legit authentic wood charcoal grill place to experience this type of cuisine. My mom was in town and in the Convoy area so she called me and FB to meet her there for dinner. I highly suggest calling ahead for a reservation. Continue reading YAKITORI YAKYUDORI

Luna Grill (Shhhhh! – Kids eat FREE Tuesday) – San Diego, CA

Not sure if it’s really a Shhhhh! thing but I don’t see this anywhere on their website and we personally think it’s an AMAZING deal. Sis has two beautiful little boys (and nooo, I’m not biased) and is a bit compulsive with her/their eating routines (I’m not sure where she gets that from). But she told me about the deal Luna Grill had some time back because it’s honestly the best bang for your buck that you can get on a Tues evening. I am not sure if it’s only offered at this location though. Luna has about seven (?) locations here in SD and a few in Orange County as well.

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