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356 BBQ & Bar ($25.99 AYCE) – San Diego, CA

We don’t venture outside of Convoy for AYCE Korean BBQ often. I was surprised and curious when a new Korean BBQ restaurant opened in Mission Valley. The restaurant was brand new, modern, and not AYCE. I should have written ‘but not AYCE’ because Cdj about fainted when he saw the prices here at 356 BBQ & Bar. We tried to visit some months ago but the service was non existent and they wouldn’t put on any of the Sunday football games on their tvs. So we didn’t give this restaurant much thought after that.

Fast forward to present time and 356 BBQ & Bar now offers a few AYCE options: 1) the 355 for $25.99; 2) the 356 for $29.99; and 3) the 357 for $36.99. The prices are further discounted Mon-Friday for lunch. For example, you can get the 355 for $21.99 during those days from 11:30a-3pm.

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Tresors de la Mer (@Addiction Aquatic Development) – Taipei, Taiwan

Our adventure at the Addiction Aquatic Development led us to Tresors de la Mer which is a sit down Japanese restaurant at the Taipei Fish Market. There’s no sit down sushi area inside Addiction Aquatic Development so my mom insisted we try Tresors de la Mer which is located to the right of the charcoal grill restaurant of the market.

Tresors de la Mer offers fresh seafood that they obtain from the market. It’s a sit down restaurant with two different seating levels. You have to walk up a flight of stairs in order to get to the patio/2nd/3rd floors(there are no elevators).

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Ignite Bistro – Carlsbad, CA

Cdj had a birthday recently and I wanted to surprise him with as many gifts possible. The surprises included: him choosing a movie at a fancy movie place (without me criticizing about his movie pick), a nice lunch (without me judging him for his pick), and parasailing adventure at Torrey Pines Gliderport (without me nagging him about not having me as beneficiary on an his unwritten Last will & Testament). So he picked Keanu – the stupidest movie ever that Cdj will end up paying for with make up credits for ever – and we agreed on Ignite Bistro for a late lunch since it was nearby to the movie theatre. I’ve seen Ignite Bistro on Yelp and a few other sites so thought it would be a fun new place to try out for a birthday lunch.

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The Barrel Room

There’s nothing better than getting together with a girlfriend and catching up. It’s great to do so over coffee or a walk on the beach but this is a food blog so who let’s keep it real. Catching up with a friend is best done over a cheese & meat board with a bottle of wine at a restaurant I’ve yet to try. Friend suggested The Barrel Room as she’s a fan of their vinos and cheeseboards. So we stopped by one evening to sit in their patio and share a dinner together.

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Vessel Restaurant + Bar ($15 BOTTOMLESS Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar + Weekend Brunch)

San Diego is such a beautiful city to explore for brunches. We have the views, the weather, and enough towns in this city to find a nice brunch to try. But, when was the last time you saw a BOTTOMLESS Build your own Bloody Mary bar. Yeah, bottomless. Meaning you can go up as many times as you want, stuff your one-shot vodka mason jar with goodies, and then do it all over it again when you want another bloody mary. Vessel Restaurant + Bar at the Kona Kai Resort offers such a thing on Sundays AND Saturdays. Their brunch menu also offers savory and sweet items to choose from while you’re enjoying your drink while admiring the harbor views.

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Karina’s Mexican Seafood

I was invited to try out Karina’s Mexican Seafood and was pretty excited as this seafood restaurant has been on my bucket list for years. Karina’s Mexican Seafood has been notorious for two things : 1) beautiful servers and 2) ceviche. I was able to bring a plus 1 and called CDJ. When I asked if he wanted to try Karina’s his reply was ‘who is that’.

me: ” It’s kinda like the Mexican Hooters…”
him: (interrupts me) “I’m in”
me: “…that serves ceviche, seaf….”
him: “I’M IN”
me: “…seafood, it’s in down…”
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The Cheesecake Factory (happy birthday sis) – PASADENA, CA

I wouldn’t normally write about food at The Cheesecake Factory. Who hasn’t eaten there right. We’re all pretty familiar with this humungously popular food chain. Plus, the wait to just get a table can be over an hour. No thank you. But, when baby sis quietly says she wants to go to The Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena for her birthday…then sigh…whatever baby sis wants, baby sis gets (she knows this happens twice a year – birthday and Christmas so she better take advantage of it). It was a milestone birthday so I wanted to go all out for her.

The plan was for a movie, shoe shopping, and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory – all in the city of Pasadena that beautiful Saturday afternoon. I told her she had me for the entire day and I promised I wouldn’t be in a rush to leave back for SD.  Continue reading The Cheesecake Factory (happy birthday sis) – PASADENA, CA

Shogun Restaurant (BEST Teppanyaki Lunch Special) – San Marcos, CA

It’s rare when sis, mom, and I are all in the same part of town AND all free for a quick lunch. Mom was getting ready to drive back to LA but we all managed to agree to have lunch together as it’s been too long since our last sitting (which I think was at Gyu-Kaku). Sis picked a cheap bento place but it ended up being closed down. Our mom REALLY likes Shogun for some reason but, this is the funny part, she only likes their non-teppanyaki items. So fine, sis and I agreed to appease her and we drove to Shogun in San Marcos.   Continue reading Shogun Restaurant (BEST Teppanyaki Lunch Special) – San Marcos, CA


There are certain streets in La Jolla that remind me of Greek Row in a prestigious Ivy League university. Prospect Street is the Harvard Greek Row, Girard Avenue is the Yale Greek Row, and Fay Street (ya know I had to use a street named after me, minus their error of forgetting to add an ‘e’ to the end of name) is the Stanford Greek Row. You get the idea. So I was pleasantly perplexed when Catania Coastal Italian opened in the previously empty Jack’s restaurant/lounge on Girard Avenue. Note: Catania is pronounced Kah-tahn-nia. I saw the empty space as a beautiful Greek Row house that just needed the right sorority (sorry but Fraternities aren’t known to be the spiffiest of abodes) to reside in the house. Furthermore, this new sorority would be competing against strongly planted fellow sororities that are owned by the SAME Greek letters (the successful Whisknladel Hospitality Group in this case).  You get my wistful thinking.  Continue reading CATANIA COASTAL ITALIAN – LA JOLLA, CA



Let’s keep the streak with my Groupon obsession shall we. I bought a Puerto La Boca deal off Groupon some weeks ago and surprise, surprise – the Groupon was expiring soon. I had read great reviews about this Argentinian restaurant and Soo has raved about the steaks here. So I figured I’d schlep FB with me to try dinner at Puerto La Boca last week.
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