Sushi Kyodai (Lunch Specials) – Carmel Mountain, CA

This post makes me miss my grandmother. We visited Sushi Kyodai a few weeks ago for lunch. Costco is nearby so we would often spend time there (isn’t it funny how my family members share the same penchant for Costco). Sushi Kyodai is located in the same center as Home Depot in Carmel Mountain. There… Read More Sushi Kyodai (Lunch Specials) – Carmel Mountain, CA


Ken Sushi Workshop

My sister has mentioned several times to visit Ken Sushi Workshop for a dinner date. She and Peanut enjoy this restaurant for special sushi dinner nights with their husbands. This unassuming restaurant is located in a business park with California Bank & Trust. One of the chefs used to work for the infamous Sushi Ota… Read More Ken Sushi Workshop


Pokewan – Del Mar, CA

Pokewan recently opened in the Del Mar Highlands shopping center. The poke shop is located on the bottom level next to the yogurt store and Pappalecco (which does anyone else read/enunciate as Poppa Let Go). Pokewan has received decent reviews. The owners also have a stake in Love Boat Sushi. I visited one late afternoon… Read More Pokewan – Del Mar, CA


Sushiya – Del Mar, CA

I have no idea how long Sushiya has been here in Del Mar Highlands but it feels like an eternity for some reason. I’d pass by them many times but never had an urge to try them. This Japanese restaurant seemed almost over shadowed by Searsucker that is just to the left of them. But… Read More Sushiya – Del Mar, CA



You either love or you either hate raw oysters. Our flock used to go to The Fish Market to get our fix of raw oysters. Inappropriate (often filthy) descriptions were used to describe what and how a raw oyster tasted like. But raw oysters, no matter how much you make fun of the taste/texture/etc, still… Read More TRIFECTA TAVERN (BUCK A SHUCK OYSTERS & $6 Flight of 4 FRIDAYS) – DEL MAR



I stumbled across this sushi restaurant the other week. A meeting went longer than expected and I was faint (I’m so dramatic) from being so hungry. Someone I owed a huge favor to was going to join me so we both thought Sushi Huku would be a nice place to have lunch. I couldn’t quite… Read More SUSHI HUKU – SAN MARCOS, CA


Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – San Diego, CA

KULA REVOLVING SUSHI BAR What is it with sushi conveyor belts that drives a girl like me bonks. I remember a time, when sis and I were little, going to a restaurant where the belt was an actual little river, carrying little miniature boats topped with two pieces of sushi, that floated around the entire… Read More Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – San Diego, CA



I don’t frequent Poway all that often but CDJ was in the area and we decided to meet for a quick lunch at Poway Sushi Lounge. My aunt and uncle took me here some years ago as they swore Poway Sushi Lounge makes dang good sushi. They also own Lifu’s spaz sister so that should… Read More POWAY SUSHI LOUNGE


Gatten Sushi (Revolving sushi belt + FREE DONUTS @ Del Mar Race Track 7/19/14) – Monterey Park, CA

GATTEN SUSHI This post will be mostly pics of sushi because 1) I’m a bit exhausted from a long week and 2) this sushi place reminds me of my family (who happens to be in town). AT&T set up new service at my house the other day. Long story short, I spent over 10+ hours… Read More Gatten Sushi (Revolving sushi belt + FREE DONUTS @ Del Mar Race Track 7/19/14) – Monterey Park, CA

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Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub

This post of Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub is over due as I visited this restaurant some weeks ago. It’s been a hectic week so it’s been hard to take a breather and write about food. I don’t know how other bloggers do it sometimes. So I will do my best to remember what’s in these… Read More Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub