Ken Sushi Workshop

My sister has mentioned several times to visit Ken Sushi Workshop for a dinner date. She and Peanut enjoy this restaurant for special sushi dinner nights with their husbands. This unassuming restaurant is located in a business park with California Bank & Trust. One of the chefs used to work for the infamous Sushi Ota… Read More Ken Sushi Workshop

Farmers Market

Liberty Public Market

The buzz about the Liberty Public Market was pretty exciting and loud wasn’t it. I didn’t think too much about this new indoor public market as I’ve been to similar versions in Seattle and San Francisco (gosh all with exs too, how ironic). Liberty Public Market is located in Point Loma and finding parking that… Read More Liberty Public Market

recipe, Seafood

Uni ($5.99 @ Hmart & how I pry/eat it)

I wanted to work on this post earlier last week but decided to put it on the back burner (as the thought of writing/posting pics, after food poisoning, of cracking open a live uni & then eating it, made me nauseous…like, LITERALLY). Uni has been a seafood item that I’ve wanted to fall in love… Read More Uni ($5.99 @ Hmart & how I pry/eat it)


Poppa’s Fresh Fish

It’s only fitting that my very first post will be about Poppa’s. I had visited him a few times. One night, at the Mira Mesa market, he introduced me to a few of his customers. We all started talking about me writing a blog soon and everyone started throwing out ideas. FayesFood? FayesFinds? Then one… Read More Poppa’s Fresh Fish