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Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA

I was curious to see what Trade Winds Tavern was about. I had seen them slowly take over the previous location. I didn’t know much about Trade Winds Tavern except seeing the mural of the girl every time we passed by. I didn’t know if the tavern would be Asian themed in regards to decor, food, and ambiance. We had a chance to visit Trade Winds Tavern recently for a media event.

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Le Bambou Restaurant – Del Mar, CA

Le Bambou Restaurant in Del Mar is considered a mainstay in this area. It’s been around for ages and has managed to survive the times. I cannot remember if I’ve ever visited but I vividly remember seeing Le Bambou Restaurant every time I visit this part of town. The restaurant is tucked away in a corner of this re modeled strip mall and rarely seems busy. Friend and I were done with work one late afternoon so we thought it would be nice to try out this restaurant.

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Pho T Cali (for UFC 200 fight night)

I was kinda duped into hosting a UFC fight night recently. It was a big fight card and friends wanted someone who had a/c to host the party. They promised they would bring worthy food and beer. They also promised not to dirty the place, put feet on anything, and not breathe (a few were getting over colds). So fine. I’ll host the fight night. I was surprised the food of choice was Pho T Cali. I’ve only been there once so I was curious how their take out would be.

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777 Noodle House

I don’t visit City Heights often but knew there were some reputable restaurants in this area. Reputable not meaning Michelin three stars but more yelp stars if you know what I mean. I was in the area some weeks ago on a Friday for a funeral. It was strangely a warming way to start the 4th of July weekend as the service was touching and heartfelt in many ways. 777 Noodle House was just down the street so it was the right opportunity for us to finally try out this Vietnamese restaurant here in City Heights.

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Pho Ca Dao & Grill – Rancho Bernardo

Pho Ca Dao & Grill is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant at the moment. I think sis or V introduced me to this Rancho Bernardo location and I’ve been hooked ever since. The restaurant is clean, bright, and comfortable. There’s always a wait during lunch but it goes by quickly with the fast host that seats people efficiently. Pho Ca Dao & Grill has air conditioning so eating pho or freshly fried egg rolls on a hot day doesn’t seem to phase us.

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Char House: Saigon Grill and Pho – San Diego, CA

Friends think I should rent a condo in Convoy as I’m in that area at least two times a week. To eat. Like, seriously. For food. I’ve seen signs for Char House over the last few months and was curious to see what this new Vietnamese restaurant had to offer. Note to self and to others reading this: Char House is closed on TUESDAYS. I, of course, tried to visit for the first time on a Tuesday and cried when I pulled on the closed doors. They are located across from Car Max and a tshirt printing company.

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OB Noodle House Bar 1502

I still have a bad habit of being hungry before/during/after church. I pay attention during service, don’t get me wrong, but my stomach tells me to figure the eff out where we (that’s my stomach and I) will eat afterwards. Friend and I decided to go to OB Noodle House Bar 1502 (what a long restaurant name) as the weather was beautiful that Sunday and their front patio was dog friendly. They offer a bountiful selection of craft beers and also have fried chicken wings that we’ve both tried in the past. We didn’t think there’d be too much of a wait that Sunday as we figured there the restaurant would be less crowded at 1:30p.

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Baguette Bros – San Diego, CA

I saw Baguette Bros some weeks ago when they newly opened. I was curious about this French banh mi shop but my banh mi obsession (remember all the posts from last year) had strangely subsided. I was recently back in this plaza and Cdj felt like something non-spicy/Chinese/chicken feet/insert anything Asian here. He’s aware the origins of a banh mi but he said anything between French bread is good enough for non-Asian food that afternoon. So off we went to visit Baguette Bros.

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I have to admit that I get happy when I see a new(er) restaurant in Mira Mesa. I like eating in this part of town but feel that I’ve tried every single place. So new restaurant blood is much needed to this sometimes ravenous blogger. Tim Ky Noodle opened some time ago but I had heard mixed reviews about this place. Did they serve pho? Or did they serve wonton noodle soup dishes? And fried rice? I wasn’t really quite sure but friend agreed to meet me here for lunch. Continue reading TIM KY NOODLE

Cali Baguette Express – Mira Mesa, CA

I think I can officially say my banh mi binges are over. It was getting kinda scary in the beginning. I’m not saying I don’t still enjoy a banh mi sandwich – I’m just saying I think I’ve tuckered out on ’em (at least for the moment). I have seen and passed by Cali Baguette Express many times over the years. We never once thought of stopping by this banh mi shop even though we were here at this strip mall getting pho or a hot pot. So it was exciting (my life is boring obviously) to finally try them out a few weeks ago.

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