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Facing East (Eight Guys Xiao Long Bao + happy hour) – San Diego, CA

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to visit Facing East but none of my friends have been wanting to try out this new restaurant. I was in this plaza the other day and decided it was time for me to venture inside the restaurant. I was lucky as they offered happy hour that weekday from 3p-5:30p. Appetizers are 15% off  during happy hours. The parking can be horrendous in this plaza but it was manageable the hour I was there.

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Din Tai Fung (+ rekindling ramblings)- Arcadia (Westfield Santa Anita mall)

Ok. So this blog is on a xiao long bao kick at the moment. I’ve been swamped at work, fighting a new cold, and having brain hiccups for the past two weeks. I was so grateful for the rain the other night. There’s something  magical about the beautiful sounding rain when you’re tucked under the covers sneezing and sniffling. Ok, so getting back to the post…xiao long bao has been on my mind lately. Friend and I recently had to go up to LA so of course my mom was on the list of people we had to see. Friend and mom get a long quite well so she happily obliged when he asked if we could have xiao long bao for a late lunch. Din Tai Fung recently opened inside the Santa Anita mall in the City of Arcadia. It’s a modern and sleek location.

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Paradise Dynasty (truffle, foie, cheese, szechuan, so many xiao long bao) – Taipei

Paradise Dynasty was a highlight for me when I visited Taiwan in September. I can’t believe it’s been almost three months since that trip. I look back at these photos and remember the food, company, and experience of that trip. Paradise Dynasty is a chain restaurant with locations around Asia. My mom had heard about this restaurant and was curious to try it out one evening when we were in the city shopping. This Paradise Dynasty is located on the top floor of a shopping mall. It’s a fancy restaurant and I scoffed that it wouldn’t be better than the powerhouse Din Tai Fung.

My mom is a huge fan of Din Tai Fung but I’m not. So I thought it was a great sign that she wanted to try out Paradise Dynasty over standing in line at Din Tai Fung.

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Great Wow – San Diego, CA

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus because food hasn’t been much on my mind. You won’t hear me ever say that again. Kidding aside, life has been catching up to me and I’ve been trying to get my un manicured hands to blog more. Great Wow restaurant opened some months ago. Sis didn’t want to go at the time because she was over the dumpling scene in Convoy. So, fine. I left for Asia, ate tons of dumplings, and came home happy. So guess where she wanted to eat just a few days after I returned. Just guess. Yeah – Great Wow. She heard from our cousin the food was pretty good and now wanted to try it.

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Long Xing Ji (*GIANT* xiao long bao) – San Gabriel

I’ve been back a few weeks now from Taiwan. I didn’t crave Asian food for some time but finally missed some dumplings. My mom was in town and left her phone here so I decided to drive up to LA to return the phone (and have her treat me to dumplings galore). That’s what moms do. Friend came with me and he was craving xiao long bao in particular. He researched Long Xing Ji and laughed when he realized it was the same place I blogged about some time ago.

Long Xing Ji used to be called Wang Xing Ji. Friend pointed out that only the first word changed but the Xing and Ji remained the same. Wang Xing Ji was known for their Big A** Xiao Long Bao so I was curious to know if Long Xing Ji would have the same. My mom wasn’t a fan of Wang Wing Ji but agreed to try out the newly named Long Xing Ji.

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Din Tai Fung (1088 S Baldwin Ave) – Arcadia, CA

I’ve always wanted this blog to be about food and how it brings people together. My family still amazes me, even today, when they bring that to life. My mom was leaving for Taiwan and wanted to treat us to ‘anywhere’ we wanted to eat. The ‘anywhere’ just had to be in Los Angeles. Dang it. My friends love my mom because she tends to spoil them. So mom and friend unanimously agreed to Din Tai Fung (1088 S Baldwin Ave) in Arcadia. I’ve never understood the appeal of Din Tai Fung. I have visited a few in Taipei but couldn’t understand the hype. But my mom and grandma profess that Din Tai Fung, to them, is #1 and they’re the harshest food critics ever.

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Village Kitchen – San Diego (Clairemont), CA

It was a cold and dreary day. I don’t think I could have been any happier. I took the day off to spend with my mom who was in town for the holidays. We thought it would be fun to treat friend to Little Sheep Mongolian hot pot. Little did we know that half of the Asian population in San Diego thought hot pot on a cold day would be a great idea that afternoon as well. The line and wait for Little Sheep, weekday, was over one hour. My mom noticed Village Kitchen open right next door so she asked friend if his stomach could handle a different style of Asian food. Of course he could (so he said bravely).

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Sis and I saw the sign for Tasty Noodle House some weeks ago when we were in Convoy for lunch. We knew Yu’s Garden had closed but had no idea what type of cuisine Tasty Noodle House served. We promised one another our first visit here would be together but I totally couldn’t wait so went without her recently (she doesn’t read this blog so I don’t care if I kinda lied to her).


Dumpling Hut – San Diego, CA

Sis and I have had epic auto-correct fails. Case in point, I texted her that we’re at Dumping Hut for lunch. You’d think she’d find that amusing but no. She just takes it as another opportunity to laugh and shame me – all via text. I don’t think San Diego can ever, EVER, have enough restaurants specializing in dumplings. Or anything dumpling related (be it xiao long bao, sheng jian bao, etc). Dumpling Hut seemed like a possible dumpling contender as, well, they have Dumpling in their restaurant name.   Continue reading Dumpling Hut – San Diego, CA



My mom recently left for Taiwan and I wanted to see her one last time before her trip. I hate driving to LA but she did the ‘oh I have BEST restaurant I want to take you to’ schpeel on me. Alright, fine, I’ll drive to stupid LA. OF COURSE she had NO idea what the restaurant was called. She kept saying Shanghai Restaurant and I kept asking ‘ok yeah I know it’s a Shanghai restaurant but what’s the NAME of the restaurant’. She kept saying it’s Shanghai Restaurant and I’d repeat ‘I need the NAME of restaurant’. So needless to say, I felt like a total idiot after I found out the NAME of the actual restaurant is, in fact, Shanghai Restaurant. Nice one Faye.

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