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Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine (Yelp Event)

Yelp recently partnered with Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine in Downtown San Diego to host a dinner event. Lionfish recently opened in the Gaslamp. You and your guest were able to order:

– Two shared appetizers from the menu
– One sushi roll from menu
– One entrée each
– A 12oz draft of your choice for each guest or glass of selected wine

This was a generous event that everyone wanted to get in to. So we were happy when we made the guest list.

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Blue Point Coastal Cuisine ( Yelp Event)

Yelp San Diego recently partnered with Blue Point Coastal Cuisine to host a “Best of Blue Point” with a course by course wine pairing. I’ve been enjoying these reservation-only yelp dinners as they give you a personal feel of the restaurants. The tasting dinner included:

– Seafood Platter
-Individual wine pairings for each course

I’ve passed by Blue Point Coastal Cuisine MANY times when I used to go clubbing downtown (do they even call it that anymore) but never really gave this restaurant much thought as it seemed fancy and a bit stuffy. So this Yelp dinner was a great way to get us acquainted with this 20+ year old Cohen Restaurant that seemed alive and well in downtown San Diego.

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Fright at the Museum (Yelp Event)

Yelp events can be fun for me but mostly because of the food. I don’t really go there to mingle and socialize (which is probably why I’ve been a hermit lately). So I was curious about their Fright at the Museum event recently for Halloween. They partnered with various restaurants as well as non-profits such as The San Diego Air And Space Museum and Hearts For San Diego. The evening soiree took place at the San Diego Air and Space Museum so that in itself was another incentive to look forward to this event.

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Oceana Coastal Kitchen (Yelp Event)

How is it that I’ve never been to Catamaran Hotel & Resort all this time I’ve lived in San Diego. How. I think I grew up thinking it was an older hotel with a Three’s Company kinda vibe to it. I don’t even know why. Oceana Coastal Kitchen is the restaurant that’s within Catamaran Hotel and they recently partnered with Yelp to host a pretty memorable dinner.

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Passport to the Headquarters ( Yelp event )

I’ve said before that I don’t really go to a lot of Yelp events as I don’t really know many people (aka other yelpers). I’ve gone to a few but only when there’s copious amounts of foods to be tried out (is that terrible). So I was curious yet skeptical about the Passport to the Headquarters event as I didn’t know what to expect in terms of food. So I grabbed my friend Shamps and we met at Seaport Village to partake in this Yelp event.

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